Savannah River Bacteria | The Augusta Chronicle

...Rob Pavey | Monday, Aug 16, 2010 Savannah River Bacteria If you've wondered...August of 2010. More recent stories on Savannah River water quality are on this page...still available. Residents living near Savannah River Site face no health risks from...

Savannah River Site | The Augusta Chronicle

...16, 2015 By Wesley Brown | Tuesday, Sept. 15, 2015 Savannah River Site When the Cold War began in the 1950s...report released this week shows that safety-related welds at a Savannah River Site factory being built to convert weapons-grade plutonium...

Palmetto Pipeline | The Augusta Chronicle

...Kinder Morgan is planning a 360-mile pipeline that will parallel the Savannah River and bring gas, diesel and ethanol from Louisiana, Mississippi and South Carolina to Savannah and Jackson ville, Fla., among other destinations. One of the...

Augusta Canal | The Augusta Chronicle

...The second and third levels take several paths through the Downtown and the Laney-Walker Districts prior to returning to the Savannah River, for a total length of approximately 13.5 miles. Notable structures at the upper end of the canal's first...

Deke Copenhaver | The Augusta Chronicle

...support, in both black and white precincts. Before his election, Mr. Copenhaver spent four years as director of the Central Savannah River Land Trust, which works to acquire and preserve stream buffers and undeveloped land threatened by urban growth...

Fort Gordon | The Augusta Chronicle

...Lawmakers passed a revised spending bill Thursday that included $445 million to provide new Army cyber facilities at Fort Gordon and a one-year funding extension for a Savannah River Site facility. Don't Miss

Augusta State University | The Augusta Chronicle

...could offer a pre-engineering program. Students in the program would finish work on an engineering degree at Georgia Tech's Savannah campus. To accommodate its expanding academic opportunities and growing student body, school leaders are looking to expand...

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...court costs and attorney?s fees associated with a ... Augusta GreenJackets fans could catch a long home run ball from the Savannah River if North Augusta's plans for a riverfront stadium survive litigation pending in South Carolina Supreme Court. ...

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...Middle School opened in 2008 on Blackstone Camp Road. The school was named for nearby Stallings Island, which is located in the Savannah River about eight miles from Augusta. For more information, visit the Board of Education's Web site, www.ccboe...

Savannah River Site board favors service projects over fines

Savannah River Site's Citizens Advisory Board on Tuesday asked the U.S. Energy Department to consider enforcing environmental-service...