Georgia Regents Medical Center | The Augusta Chronicle

...2010. In addition to providing care in the Augusta area, Georgia Regents Medical Center physicians travel to more than 90 satellite clinics across the state and region. Georgia and Texas have greatly increased their medical school enrollments and are looking...

Medical College of Georgia Hospital and Clinics | The Augusta Chronicle

...addition to providing care in the Augusta area, Medical College of Georgia Hospital and Clinics physicians travel to more than 90 satellite clinics across the state and region. Medical College of Georgia Hospital and Clinics: 1120 15th St., Augusta, (706...

NOTICE OF SALE UNDER POWER By virtue of the power of sale containe...

...Solutions, LLC As Attorney-in-Fact for John Croker O'KELLEY & SOROHAN ATTORNEYS AT LAW, LLC Brian S. Goldberg 2170 Satellite Blvd., Ste. 375 Duluth, GA 30097 (770) 622-2662 File No. L012273 THIS COMMUNICATION IS FROM A DEBT COLLECTOR ATTEMPTING...

Satellites pushing communications into orbit

...Another budding satellite telephone...launched eight satellites since February...man-made satellite. Today...about 2,500 satellites circling...a kind of satellite cellular...it is the satellites doing most...

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Spy satellites may give U.S. stealth capability

...maintained a covert satellite program in the 1960s...decoys on Corona photo satellites to reduce their vulnerability to anti-satellite missiles and black...new communications satellite launched by NRO Thursday...with stealth imagery satellites through laser transmissions...

XXX Technology
A new space race: Companies want to be first to use satellites for worldwide wireless phone service

...Cyberstar, a high-altitude satellite project with three or four satellites. - Globalstar, also founded...Inc., a $2.5 billion satellite project designed to provide...communications through 48 satellites. Also under way are plans...

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Satellites -840 of them-would make Internet global

...communications satellite easily can cost...mass-produced satellites, the technology...brought on by cheaper satellites. An astounding...history of the satellite industry," said...to get all those satellites operating in perfect...research director for satellite technology at the...

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Satellites maneuver from space dust

...private and government satellite operators took precautions...odds were against any satellites actually being damaged...chances of any one satellite getting smacked by...which monitors company satellites plus three others it...Hughes Electronics' satellite-to-home TV business...

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Satellites may be in for bumpy ride

...equipment aboard a satellite. It could, conceivably...bad enough to knock a satellite out of action. On...enter the air. But satellites orbiting above Earth's...of our dependence on satellites was the loss of communication last May with a satellite that handles much of...

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American satellites destroyed in Russian launch

...Russia to put 12 U.S. commercial satellites into orbit failed minutes after blastoff...Fragments of the rocket and the Globalstar satellites fell in a deserted area in southern...by the ITAR-Tass news agency. The satellites were built and operated by Space SystemsLoral...

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