Satellite dishes can't be prohibited

...knowing that there were code restrictions written in our Liberty Hills regulations, some homeowners installed small satellite dishes when cablevision was not available. One year later, residents were sent letters telling them that they must remove...

Small satellite dishes increasingly common

...broadcasting" solution for the home that "marries" TVs, PCs and those increasingly common small-size DBS satellite dishes. A shotgun wedding? Maybe, but it's just one of many such arranged relationships, forcing the cohabitation...

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Covenants vs. satellite dishes

I read David Brandyberry's Sept. 30 letter, "Satellite dishes can't be prohibited," with interest. I agree in part that homeowners shouldn't run out and immediately start purchasing...

FCC allows renters to install satellite dishes

...government gave renters permission Friday to install small satellite dishes or other TV antennas on balconies, patios or gardens...technology advances and becomes widespread to allow satellite dishes, wireless antennas and other receiving devices to...

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Satellite TV adds choices for home viewing

SAN JOSE, Calif. - Satellite dishes are sprouting outside more and more homes - a result of frustration with cable quality and service, hunger for sports and lower...

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Some satellite TV customers can keep getting network shows

LAS VEGAS -- Customers who use big "backyard" satellite dishes and aren't entitled to receive CBS, NBC, ABC and Fox programs by satellite will keep getting them that way for a while, a...

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Search for life in outer space gets boost

...Calif. -- With a whir of electric motors, seven satellite dishes swung as one Wednesday, pointing blindly into space...an instrument that takes hundreds of commercial satellite dishes and build one of the largest radio telescopes in...

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Evans homeowners association board upset over firing

...enforce neighborhood rules and policies, such as vehicles parking on streets and placement of trash receptors and satellite dishes.Fired board members also had problems with construction debris in the subdivision, landscaping maintenance and...

Every Saturday was Trooper Terry time, if you had a good antenna

...for my room. It was a black-and-white Sanyo, with VHF and UHF dials. Only city kids had cable TV. Forget satellite dishes.With very little effort, you could pick up the three major TV stations out of Savannah and the public television...

Satellite TV Technician/Installer Job in Augusta, Georgia US

...the best positioning of our equipment for strongest signal reception. Equipment installation - place mounts, satellite dishes and receivers while ensuring broadband connectivity. Customer education - review order with the customer and...