Scuttlebiz: New movie theater will have latest in seating

...have 84-inch rows for the new seats.OTHER THINGS you might not have known about the modern movie theater:? A satellite dish on top of the theater will allow the download of movies. They don't arrive in metal cases any more.? Movies...

Satellite dishes can't be prohibited

...have to deal with in reference to satellite dish installation. Not knowing that...At that time, putting up a satellite dish was a sizable investment and I...one can restrict the use of a satellite dish of 39 inches or less on a residential...

Sun cooks burgers on Tybee Island

TYBEE ISLAND, Ga. -- Take one satellite dish. Line it with tiny mirrors. Poise a skillet at just...doesn't sacrifice any of the oomph of his 3-foot satellite dish.In board shorts and sun glasses, Jackson, 37...

There are limited options for watching TV on the go

...AEREO (starts at $8 a month):Aereo offers television over the Internet for a monthly fee, with no wiring or satellite dish involved. Aereo's data centers have thousands of dime-size antennas. You're temporarily assigned one to record...

3 teens charged after Australian player slain

...possible" written on them sat cracked on the front porch.One window was covered with foil, and cardboard and a satellite dish was perched on the roof. No one answered at the home or at homes next door or across the street.At the site of...

AT&T finds new use for the landline in Augusta

...it out to smaller cities. Television is crowded in this market. There's already three cable companies and two satellite dish companies, in addition to the online streaming services. "Where we've gotten into it in other areas, we've...

Hits local stations for denying access

...for denying rural customers digital satellite access to their networks. Because of a court ruling, thousands of satellite dish owners in rural areas recently have had their access to national networks "switched off." However, if the local...

Georgian admits he aided Hamas

...mosque down Rome's Hughes Street were doing the best they could to blend in. An American flag, perched just below a satellite dish, waved from a balcony of the northwest Georgia home. There was no sign the building was a place of worship, aside...

Cable company disappoints patron

...connecting up with Turner South. I am sure a lot of us are just waiting for an alternate company or installing a satellite dish. Arrogant Comcast management probably do not care if a lot us of leave them. Here is the classic case of a cable...

Four-part BBC documentary traces history of country music

...the east Texas town his great-great grandfather founded. "I'll go over to my mother's because she has a satellite dish." Lovett, 46, lives in his grandparents' old house on the family farm where he was raised. His mother's home...