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Justice sues to stop Murdoch-Primestar merger

...Department today sued to block a $1.1 billion merger between Primestar and Rupert Murdoch's direct broadcast satellite businesses. The deal would have given the nation's five largest cable TV companies, which together own Primestar, a major...
Fort Gordon needs you

...on the Georgia side of the river, 17,000 jobs would be lost - and that's not counting the ripple effect on satellite businesses that depend on Fort Gordon. Now that the awareness level is up, says Tuckey, the next step is what to do about...
Embrace our Sweetheart

...that closing plants have on local communities. The human toll that plant closures take on workers, families, satellite businesses and local government services is simply not their problem. Not all large businesses are that insensitive, but...
A reluctant 'yes' to automakers' rescue

...shrank by 50 percent, 2.5 million U.S. jobs would disappear over the first year from auto factory floors and satellite businesses. The impact would be catastrophic, sending the unemployment rate well into double digits. Moreover, an auto...
Avondale's death throes

...closure will kick the job toll higher than the 2,000 jobs lost at its seven area facilities. Also affected will be satellite businesses spawned by the mill - eateries, grocery and convenience stores, dry cleaners, professional services such as...
Energy pluses and minuses

...commercial reactor at SRS would cost about $1 billion to build, and create up to 400 jobs - not counting all the satellite businesses and jobs. It also would put back to work some of the hundreds of nuclear power scientists and engineers who have...
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Will investors listen to sell ratings on stocks?

...Boeing announced that it will take a second-quarter charge of about $1.1 billion as a result of its ailing satellite businesses. It's refreshing to see analysts taking this kind of proactive stance, given the controversy stemming from...
Hospital's future is still hopeful those options. This means there's no cause now for St. Joseph employees, patients or Wrightsboro Road satellite businesses to be concerned that the Catholic nonprofit hospital will close. That doesn't appear to be in the cards - which...