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Ballet rediscovers past in music of brothers

...amazing," he said. "I listen to it in my spare time. I put it on in the car when I drive to Nashville to see Sarah (Shoemaker, Mr. Shoemaker's wife) and I'll just sing. Lyrically, it's so poignant and simple and of such great substance...
Entertainer allows audience to decide what's in 'Mozart'

...The show will include performances by the Cutno Dance Performing Ensemble and choreography by Peri McCray and Sarah Shoemaker. Despite the changes, Mr. Brown said he felt obligated to retain some of the crowd-pleasers from last year...
Things to Do
Teens on their toes

...ranks, the Augusta Ballet wanted to give teen-agers an outlet where they would have more chances to perform, said Sarah Shoemaker, ballet spokeswoman. AB II members will stage their own performances and augment the professional company in some...
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Artistry inspires dancers

...has happened at the Morris." Pieces were choreographed by Augusta-area dancers Stephanie Mckee, Cystal Fuller, Sarah Shoemaker, Ms. Cutno and Kwame Ross, a guest choreographer from New York City. Each was faced with the challenge of producing...
Around town

Sarah Shoemaker (left), of the Augusta Ballet, and Russell Joel Brown, of the Augusta Players, clean a showcase outside the J.B. White building. Mr. Brown performed there later during First Friday to promote the Playersí upcoming musical , The Wiz, based on The Wizard of Oz.
Dancer's athletic style is seen in many pieces, you think of something very fragile. Ailey was the first to take it in another direction." Choreographer Sarah Shoemaker said she has always responded to Mr. Ailey's thematic approach to dance. She recounted her first exposure to modern...
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Performers try new aspect of musical theater in 'Grease'

...with sock-hop typical lifts and spins, the choreography for the players' production was developed by local dancer Sarah Shoemaker, who is also taking the musical-theater plunge for the first time. Although a lifelong fan of the form, she said...
Augusta Ballet will celebrate 40 years with repertoire performance 1968; Andrew Kuharsky's The Beloved; the Quaker-inspired Gift to be Simple; and Falling, a new piece by Sarah Shoemaker. The ballet also will perform its short-story ballet, Peter and the Wolf. Ms. Colton said that breaking out...
'Nutcracker' ends with marriage proposal

...said. The proposal was arranged last week when Mr. Nobles made a phone call to Augusta Ballet marketing director Sarah Shoemaker, Mr. Shoemaker's wife. "It's already a magical night, so this will be something she'll never forget...