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University of South Carolina Aiken honorees

...Casey Ray, Lauren Ray, Emily Raynor, Antonieta Reyes, Amanda Robinson and Ashley Rogers. Also, Sarah Schneider, Sara Sikes, Matthew Soule, John Speer, Dustin Stone, Bradley Temple, Behzad Torkian, Weylin Traugott, Jared Tucker, Michelle...
Teacher interns contribute their special talents

...ago and I was lucky to have two wonderful interns placed in my classroom at Jefferson Elementary. My first intern was Sara Sikes, who started in August. Sara was a wonderful young lady who was organized and very thorough. Her lessons were detailed...
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USC Aiken honors students

...Lindsey Padgett, Jenifer Parkman and Lauren Randall. Also, Genifer Rouse, Rhonda Shelley, Elizabeth Shepard, Sara Sikes, Janessa Smith, John Speer, Megan Trivelas, Kay Usher, Cassie Weathersbee, Lauren Youmans, Malinda Allee, Elizabeth...
Special education program looks to attract students

AIKEN - Counting by ones started Thursday's board work for intern Sara Sikes at Jefferson Elementary. Her third-grade through fifth-grade pupils eagerly awaited the chance to write the answers on the...
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