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Plant thought extinct since 1912 found on island

AVALON, Calif. - A species of grass not seen since 1912 has been discovered growing on Santa Catalina Island off the Southern California coast, botanists say. The plant, California dissanthelium, had long been thought extinct until...
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Diver, hidden by fog, finds his boat gone postcards. But some days, it settles in, blotting out the crowded, current-threaded sea lanes between Santa Catalina Island and the Southern California coast. The trip that Dan Carlock was taking in these waters would feature a backdrop...
Study shows much of coast would flood from asteroid strike

...Francisco would launch an ocean wave that would roll over much of Honolulu and flood the Los Angeles basin, dissecting Santa Catalina Island. Across the Pacific, such a wave would wash away coastal cities and towns in Japan, a country that already has...
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...naughty or nice," she said. Wagner was 11 when her mother, actress Natalie Wood, drowned off California's Santa Catalina Island a few days after Thanksgiving 1981. "It left a huge hole in my heart," she said. "But with a lot of therapy...
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