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Terrorism attacks hit home for area teens

...talked to some other teen-agers affected by Sept. 11. SANGINI PATEL, 17 After the Sept. 11 tragedy, there were more attacks...sadness and loss as those who were threatening them. Sangini Patel, a senior at Lincoln County High School, faced some...
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Young Muslims face questions, some prejudice

...the entire Augusta Prep student body, said Xtreme teen board member William Palmer, 17, a senior at Augusta Prep. SANGINI PATEL, 17, has experienced the vandalism and ugly words, she said. "Up until the events of (Sept. 11), I wasn't...
Racial divide Puerto Rican, is afraid some students see him as "an illiterate Mexican." Lincoln County High School senior Sangini Patel, 17, has endured racist comments since last month's terrorist attacks against the World Trade Center and the Pentagon...
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