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Triple homicide suspect competent to stand trial

...people with brain injuries, Wright said. A defense expert ? a neurologist and psychiatrist ? testified he examined Hargrove for brain damage and found none.Reach Sandy Hodson at (706) 823-3226 or

...three readers who sent in pictures of their tomatoes.If you would like to contribute, send photos to sandy.hodson@augustachronicle. com.Here's a suggestion from one of the hydrangea gang members: Let's have a contest to see who has...
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Garden Gnome: Name that weed

...color, in our area it's a weed. It's a vine with alternating five leaflets. It can overrun other plants, bushes and trees.If you think you know what it is, call (706) 823-3226 or e-mail
Roper takes post

...James Lyle, whose efforts helped him succeed Tuesday night. Reach Sandy Hodson at (706) 823-3226 or RESULTS Roper - 19,708 votes Williams - 10,906 votes Higher voter turnout in Columbia County gave...
Bill Adams cultivated friendships

...are some memories from posters at the Garden Gnome blog: Reach Sandy Hodson at (706) 823-3226 or REACTION FROM GARDEN GNOME READERS I will miss Bill. When I think about him I think about gardening...
Veteran officer resigns

...didn't think the prosecution of any criminal would be compromised if anything develops in the investigation. Sgt. Phares has been a supervisor since 2004. Reach Sandy Hodson at (706) 823-3226 or
Bar gives top honor to longtime historian

...chairman of Augusta State University's history department for nearly 30 years and is now professor emeritus of history and chair emeritus of the department. Reach Sandy Hodson at (706) 823-3226 or
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You can help start weed-identification database

...gardening books that publishers have sent to the paper.Call me at (706) 823-3226 or e-mail me at we get the weed identification started, a running list will go online (augusta
Roof of court to be fixed

...effort included new heating, air conditioning and wiring and restoration of the building to its original state, according to reports in The Augusta Chronicle. Reach Sandy Hodson at (706) 823-3226 or
Officer says Larke violated probation

...entering an auto with the intent to commit a crime. Mr. Larke was arrested for shoplifting. His sentence was changed to intensive probation as a result of that. Reach Sandy Hodson at (706) 823-3226 or