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Beaufort tests lost on way to be graded

...and FedEx is conducting a very exhaustive search and looking into every possible scenario," said company spokeswoman Sandra Munoz. It is too late to retest the students if the boxes aren't found, said state Education Department spokesman Jim...
Local and area briefs

...a federal law that bars racial discrimination in public accommodations. Attorney Michael Harper said Thursday that Sandra Munoz of DeKalb County and other plaintiffs will appeal the ruling. The group is seeking $10 million for incidents they...
Background checks spark concerns offender who was later charged with molesting an 8-year-old boy while at work in Fairfield. FedEx spokeswoman Sandra Munoz said the company's background check did not reveal a criminal history. The company conducts criminal background checks...
Celebrity contestants plead to be expelled from 'Survivor'-type show

...Actor Roberto Cano, a favorite among female viewers, bowed out of the competition after breaking his big toe. Sandra Munoz, a 26-year-old model and actress, left because she said she missed her 5-year-old son and was tired of living...