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St. Joe's-Stanford was 'pure college basketball'

SAN DIEGO -- Stanford and Cincinnati will head up the freeway and into the NCAA regionals, finally, while gutty little St. Joseph's goes home to Philadelphia, having lost a game but gained a following. In slugging it out as long as they did against Stanford's three-time Pac-10 champs Saturday night before losing 90-83, the ninth-seeded Hawks and junior guard Marvin O'Connor earned the affection of fans from both coasts. The emotional game will be remembered for a long time.
College basketball
Basketball stars mix it up in the wrestling ring

SAN DIEGO -- While everyone was watching the NBA players in the wrestling match Sunday, a bodyguard snuck in and decided things. Dennis "Rodzilla" Rodman and Karl "The Mailman" Malone were the main attractions in the tag-team match that was decided by a last-minute, dirty entrance from a bodyguard. When it was over, it was the quiet, workmanlike Malone who acted like the wild, authority-defying Rodman usually does.
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