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Judge refuses to put stop to King Mill suit

...bankruptcy petition proceed and an interim trustee be appointed to oversee the disposition of the assets. On the same day, Judge Seymour issued a temporary restraining order directing the employees to take no further action in the case until a...
Senator runs late on ticket payment

...what the due date was," Mr. Brush said. "I'm going to pay it. I was guilty." Mr. Brush's call came the same day Judge Wells planned to mail a note to the senator giving him 20 days to pay the ticket or have his license suspended...
Metro | Columbia County Commission
30 years too harsh

...embezzled $180,000 from his employer was given 20-years of probation -- no prison time. Also, consider that the same day Judge Brown lowered the boom on Velez-Cruz for 30 years, Senior Judge Bernard Mulherin Sr., in another plea bargain...
Business briefs

...District Judge Joe Kendall of Wichita Falls, Texas, to stay his Dec. 31 decision until an appeal is heard. On the same day, Judge Kendall granted a request by Bell Atlantic, the largest regional Bell company, which provides local phone service...
Federal case puts man back in prison

...Judge Pickett signed an order altering Mr. Davis' sentence on the 1996 charges for a fine of $50,000. On the same day, Judge Overstreet was presented a motion to remold the sentence in the 2003 case for another $20,000 fine, according...
Metro | Columbia County Sheriff's Office