Kirby: Try these ideas to brighten winter days

When the going gets tough, the tough turn pro.? Newsroom motto Outside of generator stores and Weather Channel ad salesmen, few people like icy weather.Ice on the roads can stop your travel. Ice on the power lines can darken your day, chill...

Door-to-door meat sales raise issues

...to door and that the salesman failed to stand by the...from a door-to-door salesman, BBB recommends that...your research. Ask the salesmen for written material...by a door-to-door salesman, file a complaint with...report any unlicensed salesmen to the appropriate city...

Officers seek link in heists

...thefts from traveling salesmen this week that match...Lanham. Albert Lai, a salesman from Hong Kong who travels...we could tell this (salesman) had been followed...thefts from jewelry salesmen within a 24-hour period...Francisco said. A jewelry salesman was robbed in Columbia...

Battle over sales tax plays out online

...Allen (politician, former contractor), Alvin Mason (former Augusta mayor pro tem, mayoral candidate), Real tors and car salesmen. SELLING LIKE HOTCAKES: At the opposite end of the tax spectrum is One Tax Over the Line, which can be found on the Say...

SC Senate panel advances medical marijuana bill

...U.S. Food and Drug Ad min is tration approves its use. The bill essentially condones a return to the days of snake oil salesmen hocking cure-all elixirs, Keel said."Just because it was created by God and put on this earth doesn't mean it's safe...

BellSouth going door-to-door to get new customers

ATLANTA - Your local telephone company is picking up where salesmen of vacuum cleaners, vinyl siding and insurance left off...states is expected over the next few months. Several hundred salesmen will eventually be part of the effort, the company said...

CD-Rom Review

Not so many years ago, salesmen used to go door-to-door trying to convince potential buyers of the advantages of owning a set of encyclopedias. Today, the...

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Alarm system sales pitches can be risky

Every summer, alarm system salesmen hit the pavement, and every summer the Better Business Bureau receives a rash of complaints from consumers who feel they were...

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New payroll cards sub for pay, benefit checks

PHILADELPHIA -- Many car salesmen looking for their latest commission no longer ask if the check is in the mail, but if the money is on the card. GMC truck, Mazda...

Man sells 210 years of subscriptions to elderly woman

VENTURA, Calif. -- Two magazine salesmen were sentenced to jail for defrauding a nearly blind 85-year-old woman who bought 210 years worth of subscriptions. Jonathan...

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