Sailor dies of injuries from Tennessee attacks

Four Marines and a sailor were slain in the attacks on two military facilities in Chattanooga...in the northwest Ohio city of Paulding. The petty officer 2nd class sailor got a baseball scholarship to play at nearby Defiance College after...

Armed man stands guard near military recruiting offices

...Air Force and Navy.His actions follow a wave of volunteers who last week, spurred by the killing of four Marines and a sailor during a July 16 shooting rampage in Chattanooga, Tenn., stood with weapons outside recruiting centers."It's raising...

Unarmed troops scrambled to get away from Chattanooga gunman

...his rented Ford Mustang and blast his way into a Navy-Marine reserve center, killing four Marines and mortally wounding a sailor.Officials on Wednesday released new details of last week's brazen assault in Chattanooga, describing a chaotic scene of...

3rd Navy sailor pleads guilty in case of women recorded in showers aboard submarine

...officers. But he said one sailor showed him a cellphone video...last spring. Another sailor, he said, borrowed...regulation requiring sailors to report misconduct...testified during another sailor's hearing Wednesday...against four additional sailors are still pending.

Vets' ceremony superb

...I'm sure I wasn't the only vet who had a tear come to his eye. When I saw what seemed like every available soldier, sailor, airman and Marine enthusiastically waving the red, white and blue, I thought: Wow! It's great to be an American.On...

Clueless or heartless?

...Eric Garner ? receive enormous attention while other victims, notably Kate Steinle, go unacknowledged?Four Marines and a sailor are gunned down on American soil in an attack with all the hallmarks of domestic terrorism, and this president is unmoved for...

Official: Four Marines killed in military attacks in Tennessee

...Marines killed, three people were reported wounded, including a sailor who was said to have been seriously hurt."Lives have been...Four Marines were killed, the Marine Corps said. A Navy sailor who was with them was seriously wounded, according to two U...

Chattanooga shooting prompts debate on arming military service recruiters

...personal .45-caliber pistol while discussing the Tennessee shootings with one of his recruits. Officials said he showed the sailor the unloaded gun, then reloaded it and inadvertently discharged it putting it back in his holster.The gun ban is largely...

Medal of Honor recipient encourages Fort Gordon's Warrior Transition Battalion

...of a nearly full auditorium. When a soldier fetched it from off stage, Carpenter handed the medal to Marines, soldiers, sailors and others including Fort Gordon's Warrior Transition Battalion to pass around the crowd."It's just as much your medal...

7 sailors charged after videos surfaced of females on board

...SAVANNAH, Ga. - The Navy has charged seven sailors in connection with the recording and sharing...USS Wyoming nuclear submarine by male sailors stationed at Kings Bay Naval Submarine...the case.The records show that three sailors were charged last month with making the...