'Miss Saigon' music tells tale

...internationally acclaimed musical Miss Saigon will come alive at the Imperial Theatre...Saturday with the concert version of Miss Saigon , featuring Willy Falk, a Tony Award-nominated...actress who will play the role of Kim.Miss Saigon is a love story set against the backdrop...

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War Stories: Kevin Blomfield

...after the final American troops left Vietnam in the fall of Saigon. He admits that he doesn't know much about the history of...scrambling to board American helicopters during the evacuation of Saigon. But he does remember the first President Bush encouraging...

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Medical facilities, climate attract military retirees

Ray Lawless shipped out of Fort Gordon in 1968, bound for Saigon as senior adviser for signal logistics to the South Vietnamese military. His brief stay in Augusta would create deep ties to the...

Book examines search for MIAs

...guarantee Page 1 - an unlikely prospect 29 years after the fall of Saigon. Yet the story of how the Pentagon conducts MIA search-and-recovery...Son 719, a badly planned, ultimately disastrous attempt by Saigon's U.S.-supported forces to cut the Ho Chi Minh Trail...

A. Marvin McClure (AUGUSTA, Ga.)

...branch for the US Information Agency, and Executive Officer of the US Information Agency with tours in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Saigon, Vietnam and the Soviet Union. Upon retirement in 1971, he became a real estate broker and appraiser in Florida and South...

Actors stage union protest in Times Square

...blasting producers who take shows like "Miss Saigon" on the road while paying performers...director of labor organizing. "Miss Saigon" employed union members while the musical...used to go to smaller markets. But 'Saigon' is hitting major cities - that's a...

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Augusta Army Reserve unit celebrates 45 years

...water, clothing and ammunition more than 1.1 million miles across southeastern Vietnam, mostly within a 150-mile radius of Saigon.They suffered one casualty, Roy W. Miller Jr., and are missing one member, Terry W. Payton, whom they are still trying...

Don't let weasels pull us out of Iraq

April marks the 31st anniversary of the last American helicopter departing Saigon, South Vietnam. When we ran away, it set the stage for the murder of a couple million Southeast Asians, the creation of several...

A long dusk, no dawn and a threat from within

The recent election brings to mind a remark made by a South Vietnamese man the day Saigon fell to the communists. He said, "Today there comes a dusk from which there will be no dawn." I'm also reminded of the threat...

Lennon's is a life worth celebrating

...the American political scene when Watergate broke and wasn't the least bit concerned when the last helicopter lifted from a Saigon rooftop. For me, the first Earth-shaking event, the you'll-always-remember news I can recall was the assassination...