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Toyota, Mazda announce 'long-term partnership' in technology

Toyota, Mazda announce 'long-term partnership' in various green, safety technologies, products.
2014 Infiniti QX60 offers good seating, mileage

...climate control, power moonroof, heated front seats, rearview camera and power rear liftgate.Additionally, safety technologies are available as extras on the QX60 Hybrid that are not offered on some other three-row, hybrid SUVs. This...
Automakers developing pre-crash safety systems for vehicles

...preventing crashes and fatalities. From the stages of the North American International Auto Show, new "pre-crash" safety technologies are emerging that target the crucial milliseconds before a crash or help drivers avoid the crashes in the first...
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"Connected cars" ready for federal tests

...the marketplace as fast as you could and save as many lives as you could unless you mandate it."Some of the safety technologies for V2V are already available in cars, although they tend to be offered primarily on higher-end models. Lane...
Official tackling violence

...provides $10 million from the National Institute of Justice to develop more effective school security systems and safety technologies. "The difference is our SOS Plan comes without Washington strings attached and isn't subject to the whim and...
Local and area briefs

...programs that help teachers identify troubled children before violence can occur. School security systems and other safety technologies would receive the other $10 million. Utility to clean tar from canal WAYCROSS -- A canal that flows through...
Safety record has been hit or miss, officials say

...County tire plant goes, South Carolina can look forward to a state-of-the-art facility with the latest in safety technologies and equipment, Mr. Walker said. "We started designing safety into that plant the day we began thinking about...