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I'm right, so you're just nuts

...Hanley illustrates the point. Hanley seems dumbfounded by a poll showing that half of Americans still believe Saddam Hussein's government had weapons of mass destruction in 2003. He quotes "opinion analysts" to explain the conundrum: It's...
Stocks fall on war fears, downgrade of auto stocks

...States said it planned to push for a vote next week on its U.N. resolution authorizing war in Iraq, as Saddam Hussein's government continued to destroy banned missiles in a bid to stave off an armed conflict. Meanwhile, U.N. Secretary-General...
Iraqi jets repeatedly penetrated no-fly zone, U.S. military says

...dropped leaflets in the northern zone for the first time. The White House maintained its hard line against Saddam Hussein's government, deriding Iraq's destruction Saturday of four Al Samoud 2 missiles declared illegal by the United Nations...
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Plenty of insights into character of John Paul II in pope's new book Ur at the start of a pilgrimage to biblical sites in 2000. In the past, the Vatican said only that the Saddam Hussein's government explained it was unable to organize the trip. Other entries are less surprising. He praises the "exceptional...
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Wall Street will be looking closely at corporate outlooks

...industrials suffered a losing week, primarily on a 100-point slide Wednesday that came despite news that Saddam Hussein's government had toppled. And on Monday, a 243-point rally fizzled although Dow component Alcoa posted stronger-than-expected...
U.N. reduces humanitarian staff in Baghdad

...threat of war, Iraq allowed another flight by an American U-2 spy plane Thursday but a U.N. spokesman said Saddam Hussein's government was still not cooperating fully with the inspection program. The Iraqi Foreign Ministry said the plane spent...
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Stocks gain on bargain-hunting

...its fiscal 2003 forecast. Investors appeared to be less anxious that a war would begin soon with Iraq after Saddam Hussein's government agreed to allow an American U-2 plane to fly over its territory as part of the U.N. weapons inspection...
Iraq's improved biological weapons a serious threat, officials say

...War, government officials say. Working under the noses of U.N. inspectors from 1991 to 1998, President Saddam Hussein's government probably developed mobile germ warfare labs and processes to create dried bacteria for deadlier and longer-lasting...
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