Rants & Raves

...I hope such a show of kindness and respect spreads over our nation because it sure makes one have a nicer day. ONE OF THE SADDEST outcomes of the Ferguson, Mo., situation is the hypersensitivity of police vs. blacks that gives the criminal element within...

Chambliss proud of accomplishments after 20 years in Congress

...10-11 cents of every dollar spent on nutrition compared to 20-25 cents in the rest of the world.Chambliss said he's not sad about leaving the Senate, even though he'll miss some of his friends there. Instead, he said he's leaving at the time...

You remembered: Augusta's railroad past

...to live near the train station so the "call boy" could come to the house and wake up Daddy to get up for work.One of the saddest days was when the old station was demolished. Augusta leaders didn't realize the impact it may have brought to future generations...

Is our image of Santa Claus a Coca-Cola creation?

There's nothing sadder in this world than to awake Christmas morning and not be a child. -- Erma Bombeck Merry Christmas. No holiday has more traditions...

Bill Kirby
Senior player hooked again 10 years later

It's doubtful that anyone was sadder to see the Regions Cup golf tournament season end Sunday at Jones Creek Golf Club than Augusta's Carl Pilcher. Pilcher has been...

David Westin
Sad for innocent bystanders

...admit to being surprised. I am saddened, however, and I mean that sincerely. I am sad for President Bill Clinton, sadder for Hillary Rodham Clinton and sadder still for Chelsea Clinton. If there is an innocent bystander in this whole mess...

Opinion columns
Apologetic Martin leaves Ryder Cup

SOTOGRANDE, Spain (AP) - Miguel Angel Martin left the Ryder Cup on Wednesday a richer, though somewhat sadder, golfer. The Spaniard was bumped from the European team three weeks ago when wrist surgery rendered him unable to play. After...

Other sports
Moore's stellar career ends on a down note

...seat on the Connecticut bench for the final time. Just 1.1 seconds remained in her college career and the ending was far sadder than she had ever imagined.For once, everything Moore did for Connecticut wasn't quite enough.Notre Dame beat the Huskies...

College | Sports
Innocent man sent to prison

...American court system. We are the country that teaches all other countries the right way to freedom and democracy and, even sadder, we don't really have it perfect here. Old men of corrupt minds and racism still sit in judges' seats and practice evil...


...didn't have anything to do with pushing the Georgia Regents name. Evidence to the contrary is flowing in.But perhaps the saddest part of this complete disregard for the community is the arrogant, heavy-handed way it's been carried out. There is such...