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NASA weighs whether to allow cosmonaut to hit golf ball

...the stunt, which already has been approved by the Russian space agency. NASA is expected to make a decision at a later...simulates weightlessness. Element 21 Golf paid the Russian space agency an undisclosed amount to allow the stunt. Golf...
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CNN's Miles O'Brien and his missed adventure in space

...CNN began thinking about sending O'Brien to space about the time California businessman Dennis Tito paid the Russian space agency about $20 million for a trip to the space station in 2001. CNN negotiated with the Russians but backed away when...
Russian space agency says solar sail launch fails

...liftoff, showering debris over the Arctic Ocean, the Russian space agency said Wednesday. The Cosmos 1 vehicle, a joint...Russian nuclear submarine in the Barents Sea, the Russian space agency said. "The booster's failure means that the...
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Space station men return safely in Russian capsule, but land far off-course

...the Baikonur Cosmodrome, the Russian Space Agency's main launch site. Two...landing site. Cabana said the Russian Space Agency was determined to learn investigate the matter, Russian space agency chief Yuri Koptev said. NASA...
Russian officials say paid visits to space station will be suspended

...expeditions." Officials have said Russia has only two Soyuz capsules that are ready for flight. A spokesman for the Russian space agency Rosaviakosmos, Sergei Gorbunov said Sunday that Russia would have to consider whether to use one to send a short-term...
Russian TV network offering a prize that is out of this world

...misers. The country's main state television network, Channel One, has reached a $20 million deal with the Russian space agency to send one lucky contestant to the International Space Station next year. Channel One said it will select 20...
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Hollywood, Russia squabble over Lance Bass' space trip

...October. But the deadline for the 'N Sync singer to make a payment to secure his spot was Tuesday, according to a Russian space agency official who spoke on condition of anonymity. Kreidenko would not confirm that. David Krieff, a Los Angeles...
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Spacewalking cosmonauts hang advertising

...announced last year, Kodak agreed to set up an Internet site to provide views of space station construction. The Russian Space Agency promised to deliver and operate cameras in and outside its service module, and to erect a sign showing the Kodak...
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Mir-less Russians look to Mars

...dominated Russian news interviews with cosmonauts at the mission-control center. Yuri Koptev, chief of the Russian Space Agency, said a new national space project will depend on funding. "It's one of our priorities," he said. "When...
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Russian space agency to take out insurance on disposing Mir

MOSCOW -- Russia's space agency is taking out insurance against any damage the ailing Mir space station might cause when it is guided down later this month, the Russian Aerospace Agency said Tuesday. Despite official optimism that the Mir safely plunge into a remote area of the Pacific Ocean, the space agency is negotiating with three Russian companies to insure against possible damage, a premium estimated at $200 million. "The insurance is just another attempt to assuage fears," Russian Aerospace Agency spokesman Sergei Gorbunov said during an Internet news conference.
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