Andong Song welcomes the pressure of being the first Chinese player to be picked in NHL Draft

...of his earliest memories is watching the U.S. play against Russia at the Salt Lake City Olympics in 2002. China is trying to...they'll keep trying to catch up to North America and Europe and Russia, but there's still a little gap."

Novak Djokovic focused on defending mens' title at Wimbledon

...her third major title of the year and is on course for a true Grand Slam, will open Monday against Margarita Gasparyan, of Russia, on Court No. 1.Kvitova beat Williams in the semifinals at the Madrid Open in May."For sure for me was great win. I...

Put C.S.A. in perspective

...sent three ships to resupply the federal fort in Charleston harbor. This was as unacceptable to the C.S.A., as was Russia sending ships with missiles for Cuba in 1962. Fort Sumter was forced to surrender. At this point the U.S.A. invaded the...

Bidding for 2026 World Cup on hold because of more turmoil

...Valcke, speaking at a news conference in Russia played host to by organizers of the 2018...and 2022 World Cup bid contests won by Russia and Qatar, respectively."FIFA handed...were leased and later destroyed.Both Russia and Qatar risk losing their hosting rights...

President hypocritical

...Obama's closing press conference after the G-7 meetings, I couldn't help but notice the hypocrisy.He said the sanctions on Russia are working and should continue. His reasoning was twofold. He claimed Russian President Vladimir Putin was trying to reconstruct...

Investigation of World Cup officials in FIFA scandal likely to expand

...possible money laundering during the bidding contests won by Russia and Qatar, respectively.Banks in Switzerland have flagged...Cup bidding contests, Lauber said.Future World Cup hosts Russia and Qatar, in 2018 and 2022, were not implicated by Lauber...

FIFA communications director Walter De Gregorio resigns after telling a joke concerning the embat

...wrongdoing in World Cup bidding contests won by Russia and Qatar, respectively. On Thursday, the...corrupt practices within FIFA." However, Russia is not a member of the European Union...country stripped of World Cup hosting. Russia and Qatar have consistently denied wrongdoing...

IOC president praises harmony of European Games

...Sunday saw Armenian wrestler Migran Arutyunyan jeered as he lost the men's 66-kilogram Greco-Roman wrestling final to Russia's Artyom Surkov. Despite expressing anger at the refereeing, Arutyunyan struck a conciliatory tone about his treatment from...

Europe calls emergency summit over Greece

...are openly talking about a Greek exit from the euro and of the contingency plans being put in place. Even Tsipras' visit to Russia Thursday over a gas deal stoked speculation that he may be seeking alternative financing for Greece with Moscow.Varoufakis...

U.S. Energy Secretary calls for $1 billion annually for MOX program at Savannah River Site

...represents the best policy decision to make use of the $5 billion capital investment and fulfill a nonproliferation agreement with Russia.Alternative plutonium disposition methods must be studied to determine the cost, and Congress must appropriate adequate funds...