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Rush Limbaugh spouts traitorous lies

Rush Limbaugh is a traitor to our country. He has said on his radio show and in interviews that he not only hopes that the Obama administration...
ACLU backs Rush Limbaugh in prescription drug case

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- Rush Limbaugh and the American Civil Liberties Union don't agree about much...It may seem odd that the ACLU has come to the defense of Rush Limbaugh," the state chapter's executive director, Howard Simon...
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Liberal radio network planned as an alternative to Rush Limbaugh alternative to conservative talk show hosts like Rush Limbaugh. "We believe this is a tremendous business opportunity...liberal. "The search for the liberal equivalent of Rush Limbaugh may be misunderstanding how Limbaugh starts from a natural...
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Limbaugh's message is misunderstood

...March 10 editorial page about Rush Limbaugh ("Limbaugh fans too blinded by hate," "Rush Limbaugh spouts traitorous lies...policies. I do not listen to Rush Limbaugh. I tried a few times, but the...
Limbaugh says he resigned from ESPN job to protect advertisers, employees

...PHILADELPHIA -- Conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh said Thursday he resigned as an...syndicates the politically focused "Rush Limbaugh Show," issued a statement of the politically focused "Rush Limbaugh Show," syndicated in more than...
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Limbaugh fans are too blinded by hate

Rush Limbaugh, and those who agree with him, are...providing assistance to the president, Rush Limbaugh and his toady followers are idly standing...hope you fail; we hope you fail." Rush Limbaugh and his chorus of conservative toadies...
Prosecutors to get Limbaugh's medical records

...Prosecutors can examine Rush Limbaugh's medical records to determine...denied Black's allegation. "Rush Limbaugh confessed and admitted that clients demanded money from Rush Limbaugh in any way," he said.
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Attacking with acid

...guardians of tolerance and civility to take down people like Rush Limbaugh. Guardians such as MSNBC's Chris Matthews -- that...Here's what Matthews said recently about Limbaugh: "Rush Limbaugh is looking more and more like Mr. Big (from the James...
Limbaugh announces on radio program he's addicted to painkillers, will check into rehab

...WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- Conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh stunned listeners of his nationwide radio show by announcing...Networks, which syndicates the politically focused "Rush Limbaugh Show" to more than 650 markets, declined to elaborate...
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...phrase, "Do as I say, not as I do." Mark Foley is one example, but what I am readling thinking about is Mr. Rush Limbaugh. His questioning Michael J. Fox was one thing, but with cameras rolling on him in his studio he floundered around...