Internationals close gap on the U.S. in Presidents Cup

...use the same model of golf ball for the entire match.Mickelson realized his error from the fairway, and then the rules committee made a mistake of its own by telling him he was disqualified from the hole.As the penalty is just a one-hole adjustment...

New golf rules eliminate several disqualifications

...incorrect drop on the 15th hole of the second round. A former rules official saw it on TV and notified the Masters rules committee, which decided it was not a violation and Woods signed for 71. Only later, after the committee spoke to Woods...

Georgia state flag's Confederate 'Stars and Bars' design avoids controversy

...Prince, a Democratic member of the House Special Rules Committee.Prince, a retired Army lieutenant colonel, said...national controversy.Fleming is a member of the House Rules Committee, which in 2003 was assigned House Bill 380, legislation...

NCAA approves changes to shot clock, timeouts in basketball

...On Monday, the NCAA's Playing Rules Oversight Panel officially approved both recommendations from the basketball rules committee. PROP also approved extending the arc inside the lane from 3 feet to 4 feet in hopes of reducing collisions.PROP...

Batters pay for not being in box on time

...at Principal Park.Cubs president and general manager Sam Bernabe, a member of the Professional Baseball Playing Rules Committee, said he doesn't care for clocks in baseball. But if that's what it takes to keep the game moving, he can live...

NCAA looking for ways to pick up pace, scoring in college basketball

...reduced scoring and longer games, rules committee members told a small group of...Belmont coach Rick Byrd, the rules committee chairman, also acknowledged...timeouts to sell product."The rules committee will evaluate the proposals when...

House panel OKs Deal's school takeover plan

...of this state to take those and try to help those children."The amendment and bill now go to the powerful House Rules Committee to determine when the full House will consider the proposal. Lawmakers have planned to wrap up the 40-day working...

Key bills fail to make crossover deadline

...of vehicle tags recorded by car-mounted cameras. This bill was approved by a House committee but died when the Rules Committee never scheduled it for a vote.HB 111: School districts could have raised extra funds by selling ads on school buses...

Cannabis oil bill clears hurdle in Georgia House

...step in the right direction. This is a good thing for our citizens."Peake predicted the bill would pass the House Rules Committee and the full House this week.Earlier, he had discussed a bill allowing in-state growth of marijuana to manufacture...

NCAA rules committee wants to reduce shot clock to 30 seconds

The NCAA made a series of changes to men's college basketball three years ago in an attempt to boost scoring and reduce physical play under the basket. Those changes barely moved the needle, so now the NCAA is taking more drastic steps.