Germany edges France, advances to semifinals in Women's World Cup

...setting off a German celebration in this French-speaking city. HOT TOPIC: The fields are heating up, there are little black rubber pellets everywhere, and feet are covered with blisters.The artificial turf at the Women's World Cup is taking a toll...

Mat is a walking hazard

...danger to pedestrians.On the corner of 10th and Broad streets at the curb closest to the Juvenile Court building is a red rubber mat just as a person steps onto the sidewalk. One corner of that mat is loose and broken off. It is apparent that several...

Imagination Station lets kids explore, build young minds

...colorful, padded floor in the literacy room of Imagination Station on Thursday, carefully putting small toys inside lidded rubber blocks with letters on them.Her older sister, Lita, 9, was busy playing outside in Hickman Park with 8-year-old James...

What Is It? A 1956 Buick

...color. This normally would have been a chrome feature. (The '57 Chevrolet had a rubber bullet as an option for their bumper. I don't remember if the rubber bullet was offered as factory or after-market option on the Chevy.)"You mention...

Augusta GreenJackets field thriving under groundskeeper Zach Severns

...widened the basepaths by a couple feet, got the back infield arc to its proper height and put in new base anchors, mound rubbers and a home plate.Manager Mike Goff, and current players who previously played at Lake Olmstead, have complimented Severns...

Puppeteer returns to his passion of breathing life into creations

...Bailey said.He met Chris Heine at Griggs, Van Horn, and the two became best friends and business partners. Using foam rubber, they created props for events: 11-foot Indians for a country/western theme in a ballroom, an 8-foot-long macaw for...

Fire shuts down half of tire plant

...combines up to 3,000 pounds of natural and synthetic rubbers together. "The rubber went under a conveyer belt and ignited because it...precaution. Bridgestone Firestone makes tires and other rubber products and has about 1,000 employees at the...

Single engine rule is a good one

...dead. The loss of rubber wedges, known as "bump rubbers" was a surprise...start a race with bump rubbers in the front springs...relatively easy to remove a rubber and change the handling...dollars worth of bump rubbers and springs, as well...

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DSM says Q1 earnings rise 28 percent

...materials used in products such as bulletproof vests and fiber-optic wire casings; and polymers, used in nylon, synthetic rubbers and plastics.Augusta has the headquarters for DSM Chemicals North America.In the performance materials segment, DSM said...

Navy sound-deadening technology may have civilian uses

...plastics and silicon- and carbon-based rubbers, said Thomas, who has a Ph.D. in...sound as a foot of concrete. Mold-Ex Rubber of nearby Milton is licensed to use the...Inc., will begin using the formula in rubber and plastic protectors as well as foam...

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