'Supergirl' is latest chapter in a lifelong passion

...logg's cereal box tops for a plastic model Superman whose cape was shaped like a delta wing. I would launch him with the rubber band device included and make Superman leap tall buildings at a single bound.On a recent Halloween, I went to work posing...

Gun ban wouldn't work

...easily with a piece of wood for a handle, a short piece of pipe for a barrel, a small nail for a firing pin and a rubber band to propel the pin to the shell. Also, a very effective gun can be made in two minutes with a ballpoint pen.There...

3-D printer use gains popularity in Augusta region

...to repair blinds, landing gear for a quad-copter, wall plates for electrical sockets, lost board game pieces, a rubber band gun and a spaceship with moving gears.On the side, they sand and polish pieces with steel wool to sell on their...

Add zing to notebooks, store-bought or DIY

...always-ready art space.Find some craft pipe cleaners and create a colorful, textured notebook cover. Or add a rainbow of rubber bands to a notebook cover to hold clips and pencils.Cover a book with soft velvet and add a stamped design of leaves for...

Djokovic knocks off Nadal to win fourth Sony Open title

KEY BISCAYNE, Fla. - Novak Djokovic stretched like a rubber band to hit a backhand. He sprinted into the other corner and scooped out forehands as if he was wielding a shovel. He ran forward...

Kids banding together for craft craze

...making bracelets and other objects out of tiny, colorful rubber bands.It's the first craft project that has captured his...boy-friendly. It also helps, Volkman thinks, that they use rubber bands rather than fluffy yarn or delicate materials. GOOD...

Local retailers optimistic about holidays

...shopping center in Evans. Seasonal sales have already been "much better" than in 2012, she said, with the Rainbow Loom rubber band bracelet kit leading the way as a hot ticket item.Both Jerome and Allen participate in national campaigns, like American...

Former James Brown band members part of Westobou Festival

...late 1960s to the late 1970s, before joining forces with George Clinton's Parliament-Funkadelic and Bootsy's Rubber Band, along with Maceo Parker.Wesley, who has an affinity for traditional jazz and big band sounds, joined the Count...

Logano captures pole at Pocono Raceway, looks to continue rally

...following a nasty accident during testing at Road Atlanta on Wednesday."It's great to see him in the car, pushing hard," Kurt Busch said. "These young kids, they're made like rubber bands, they can bounce back from anything."

A Black Friday mommy on a mission

...wider than the lid. I use pinking shears to get a zigzag pattern on the edges. Secure the cloth to the jar with a rubber band. Add a pretty red or green ribbon and print out a label. It looks very pretty and festive. This is a perfect hostess...