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Playoff system might impact SEC's dominance of college football

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - Roy Kramer remembers all the fretting when the Southeastern Conference launched its own championship game two decades ago."Especially from...
Michaux, bowl executive debate BCS system

...comment that first year and said with teams in the BCS getting all the focus, our games have become less relevant. Roy Kramer (former SEC commissioner) didn't think too highly of that, but that in actuality is what happened. And I think...
'Dogs could be next team left out by BCS

...calling the artificial Sugar Bowl relocated to the Georgia Dome. I wonder what ex-Southeastern Conference commish Roy Kramer thinks of his master plan now? I can promise you what everybody else in the SEC thinks - and it can't be printed in...
Scott Michaux
Close your eyes, think of playoffs from the mighty Southeastern Conference that was too arrogant to believe it could ever be bypassed in the system Roy Kramer helped concoct. The delicious irony of this perfect storm should be enough to bring down the house of cards that rewards...
Scott Michaux
Fulmer not completely safe from subpoenas

...toward Alabama. Gallion also is trying to line up depositions with Culpepper, Johanningmeier, former SEC commissioner Roy Kramer, SEC investigator Bill Seivers and former UT professor Linda Bensel-Meyers, who brought up allegations of academic...
Brand acting quickly to tighten recruiting rules

...stand the same day he, Ohio State athletic director Andy Geiger, Texas coach Mack Brown and former SEC commissioner Roy Kramer, the founder of the Bowl Championship Series, were taking part in the public discussion on the TCU campus. "But ethical...
SEC chief sees end to probation

...goal. We have made some progress, but we still have a lot more to do." Shortly after replacing longtime Commissioner Roy Kramer this time last year, Slive said all the right things about the SEC's putting scandal in its rear-view mirror. A...
SEC flush during uncertain times

...12 came in second, splitting $85.6 million. Thanks largely to TV and bowl deals struck by former SEC commissioner Roy Kramer, the SEC has more than doubled its revenues since 1996, when the league took in $45.5 million.
South Carolina has lucrative decade in the SEC

...Glenn, chief executive assistant to President Palms, talked with several conference commissioners including SEC head Roy Kramer. Glenn said McGee's "name came up over and over. He understood better than we could've thought how South Carolina...
USC | South Carolina Gamecocks
'BCS Boys' find outlet for passion

...dabbled in computer analysis before they got phone calls - some of them out of the blue - from former SEC commissioner Roy Kramer asking them to be part of the system. Now their ratings are published every week, and their power frequently invites...