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2015 models include small SUV from Jeep

...sales execs are wishing they had it now as small SUV sales soar. It looks like a classic Jeep with a vertical grille and round head lamps. It's the iconic brand's first entry in the segment. It will have 16 engine and transmission configurations...
'American Idol' hopefuls descend on capital

...will thank the contestants for their time, and say they're not what he's looking for. Those who pass the first-round head to tryouts Thursday in front of "Idol" executive producers. Second-round survivors get to sing for "Idol" judges...
Hispanic communities battle 'goatsucker' myths

...Mr. Torres was walking through a field containing a flock of sheep when he saw a chupacabras in a tree. "It had a round head, dark gray face, elongated black eyes, delicate jaw and small mouth," Mr. Torres said. As he approached, the...
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Chrysler sees 300 as its lucky number

...long hood and short back. The remake is sleeker, and Chrysler toned down the gangster-mobile grille and replaced its round head lamps with subtle rectangular ones.Fuel mileage went up 8 percent, and the interior has softer-looking surfaces...
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Hobbyists' robot is headless and speechless but agile

...and can be controlled through a mobile phone. The Wakamaru from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries looks more human with its round head and two eyes. It can engage in primitive conversation, keeps an eye on your home while you're away and conducts simple...
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Helmets can help give baby head start

...flat spots pose no health risk. They are an issue of concern more frequently in the West, where parents associate round heads with normalcy and beauty. There is no general consensus among neurosurgeons about prescribing the helmets. Park said...
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Lehman not one to panic at sound of roaring Tiger

...I don't back away from a challenge." He proved that at the British Open when he held off Nick Faldo in a final-round head-to-head matchup. And he showed it again on Saturday when he salvaged a round that could have easily gone sour on...
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