What Is It?

...most powerful '63 Pontiac engine. It could be mated with a three- or four-speed manual transmission, or a three-speed Roto Hydramatic. (Note: Pontiac's four-speed 'Super' Hydramatic transmission was available on Star Chief and Bonneville but...

Fantasy Baseball: Fantasy beginning gets a new start

...baseball leagues, decision time is here for players and commissioners awaiting the most anticipated event of the year for the "Roto-geeks" of the world. Carry-over leagues have an established set of rules which require only minor tweaking from year to...

What Is It?

...394-cubic-inch V-8 and a three-speed Roto Hydra-Matic as standard equipment. It...pillarless hardtop or a convertible. That Roto Hydra-Matic transmission was a cheapened...door that the 1962 model had."It had a Roto Hydra-Matic transmission that was junk...

ROTO TILLER Does not run $50 706-556-8466

ROTO TILLER Does not run $50 706-556-8466

Balanced budget unlikely

...budget. Living within our collective national means certainly is right, though not exactly a news flash. The issue has been roto-tilled for decades now, and every attempt to get past a national conversation and gain traction has failed miserably.Why...

Deep freeze might have cost economy about $5 billion

...pipes leaked. Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley's home in Tuscaloosa took an estimated $50,000 blow from a burst water pipe. Roto-Rooter in Minneapolis and elsewhere has been "inundated" with calls about burst pipes and even frozen sewer lines since the...

Thanksgiving causes 50-percent surge in plumbing calls

...holiday period from a typical week, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing and Roto-Rooter Plumbers reported.As of Friday afternoon, Jameila...recommend a courtesy scrape of your plate in the trash first."Roto-Rooter owner David Byrd said Black Friday has become known...

Tips ease landscape burdens

...Use a nonselective weed killer, like Roundup. Don't cultivate the bed, except to plant annual flowers in open areas. Roto-tilling encourages weed seeds to sprout and can damage roots of shade trees. Keep the new planting simple. Three to five...

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Fantasy sports fans draft blockbusters like ball players

...Manning than "Mission: Impossible III" can do it, too. Later this summer, the popular fantasy sports Web site Talented Mr. Roto (http://www.talentedmrroto.com) will begin a new service making such leagues available to members. The site's founder...

Annual gardens can offer splash of color with a little care

...coleus. After selecting a planting site, the soil must be prepared. This involves working the soil deeply with a spade or roto-tiller. Then, 2 inches of organic matter should be incorporated into the soil to improve its structure and provide better...

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