Chipotle finishes removing GMO ingredients from its food

...Coca-Cola fountain drinks, which are made with high-fructose corn syrup. But this past summer, the company started testing a root beer that is organically sweetened in Denver. That test is ongoing, said Chris Arnold, a company spokesman.Chief Financial...

Not all azaleas bloomed well this year

...and may die back as a result. Young plants will suffer more than the older plants as older plants have a well-established root system and are not already stressed like newly transplanted azaleas. Reach Sid Mullis, the director of the University of Georgia...

GA GOP district conventions support 'religious freedom' bill

...inapplicable to state and local governments in 1997 and at least 20 states have passed their own laws.McKoon said "grass-roots Republicans sent a loud and clear message" to elected leaders. Three districts didn't consider a similar resolution. The...

Program offers drug addicts healing through work, Christ

...progression and the effects and apply it to their own lives. Through daily classes and homework assignments, they dig into the root causes of their addiction and study the effect it has had on other people.They work all day. After dinner, they do homework...

Madison Square Garden chief told a Knicks fan to root for the Nets

...Dolan responded to a Knicks fan who had criticized him with an e-mail wondering if the man is an alcoholic and telling him to root for the Nets instead.An MSG spokesman confirms the e-mail, which appeared Sunday on Deadspin.com, was written by Dolan...

GE pares off financial unit and returns to industrial roots

General Electric will sell most of GE Capital as it turns its focus more to its industrial business and away from a big money generator that also made some investors nervous.

The Artside: Hear artists explain work, bid on art at week's events

...present Tim Duffy and Aaron Greenhood, whose Music Maker Relief Foundation has assisted several hundred Southern blues and roots performers and preserved their musical heritage. Duffy is now working on a series of wet-plate collodion tintypes of the...

Switchfoot eager to play Springfest

...band has also been featured in the documentary, Fading West.Formed by two brothers and their friends, Switchfoot has its roots in the beaches and surf culture in San Diego, Calif.The band's name is a surfing term, and every year since 2005, the...

By the Book: Frances Mayes to visit Columbia County Library

...and later Tuscany, but this area of the country has a way of settling into one's bones. She eventually missed her Southern roots, and in 2007 she bought a second home in North Carolina.Mayes will visit the Columbia County Library on April 23 at 7 p...

The way Bobby Jones handled his illness speaks of his faith

...what I really wanted to hear from Bob IV was the story of his grandfather's faith.Jones was raised a Baptist from the tap root of his grandfather, Robert Tyre Jones, who was a staunch Baptist and superintendent of Sunday schools for 33 years. Bobby's...