Karin Calloway: Thai-inspired soup packed with good-for-you ingredients

...produce section, and pressed fresh garlic. Alternately, you can puree the onion with fresh ginger root (about three 1-inch pieces of peeled ginger root) and a couple of cloves of garlic in your food processor.The soup has a kick of spice, which...

Augusta Public Transit | The Augusta Chronicle

...QT" Brown is fresh off a job as a transportation manager for George Washington University, but said he's ready to put down roots in Augusta as the new general manager for McDonald Transit. Don't Miss Databases: Search public records data Things...

Big trees compete with grass, plants for water

...lawns.About half the absorbing roots can be found directly under...battle grass and other plant roots for survival.Some yard rings...large mats of absorbing tree roots collect all the water from the...established.Remember the tree root competition when you try to...

Summer veggies were just the first round

...conserve nutrients and improve tilth.Legumes, such as peas or alfalfa, add nitrogen to the soil via symbiotic bacteria in their roots and garner it from the atmosphere.A cover crop also looks nice, a verdant blanket over the ground late into fall.Local...

Fryer: Tony Stewart will always stay true to dirt-track roots

...his life and he's going to live it anyway he pleases. Take him or leave him, but that's the essence of Smoke. He's true to himself and true to his roots, and the one thing he loves most in his life will now haunt him forever.

Rent plan worth try

...downtown areas. We have downtown associations and revitalization programs that seem to be trying everything, to no avail.The root of the problem is the cost of rent.I propose that property owners cut rent costs in half for new businesses during their first...

Jell-O's revitalization efforts turn out to be a big flop

...that allow people to make Jell-O in the shape of their school mascots.In a way, the strategy traces back to Jell-O's roots in the early 1900s, when salesmen distributed free Jell-O recipe books in an effort to boost sales. The idea was to let...

Sid Mullis: As fall approaches, several insect problems come with it

...For systemics that are applied to the root zone, you can use products containing...to move the insecticide up from the roots. Tomato Fruit Problems A problem you...Augustine and centipede since, without a root system, they would be much more susceptible...

Dancers swing into action

...believes that swing dance holds appeal for all ages, from older generations that once danced the jitterbug, which has its roots in swing, to teenagers and 20-somethings, both of whom she often sees at dance event.Athleticism and experience are not...

UGA lands state's best recruit; Now what?

...Forest Park and Jarvis Jones lead Carver-Columbus to a state title. That's your core fan base.Sure, that same bunch will root as passionately for Todd Gurley (from North Carolina) and Knowshon Moreno (New Jersey), but there's something special...