Expect more online fraud as new credit cards arrive

...a vice president at the consulting firm Mercator Advisory Group in Maynard, Massachusetts.Technology can help companies root out fraud with software that analyzes a number of factors in a transaction: whether shipping and billing addresses match, whether...

Homemade mulch cuts costs, helps protect plants

...walnut tree leaves, however, are not recommended because they produce a toxic chemical, known as juglone, which inhibits root growth.If you don't like the look of leaves as mulch, use them as a 2- to 3-inch base, then place more attractive mulch...

Weather takes down historic Aiken oak

...Rapp, Aiken's horticulturist and arborist. When he arrived to look at the damage he found that 95 percent of the tree's root system was gone, explaining its decline over the years.Rapp said he couldn't guess on the age of the tree, but while caring...

Writing talents took root here, continue to grow

Some people contend that writing can't be taught, that it's a vocation, a "calling." Others make the case that writing well is a result of the lucky coalescence of nature and nurture.

Augusta University students react to name change

...news; after three years, the name of the Augusta's public university will again bear the name of the city in which it took root.The move should build rapport with the greater Augusta area, said Kayla King, a graduate student from Sandersville, Ga...

As pupils strive to improve, effort is the factor that defines performance

...the performance differential between the groups is sincere effort and institutional process and procedures. Effort is at the root of developing intelligence. Said another way: Being "smart" (which is highly associated with intelligence) is something...

Richmond, Columbia counties need foster parents

...and not being able to get a baby sitter."One approach that has been successful elsewhere in the state is starting to take root in Augusta: faith-based foster care agencies. One such agency, Loganville, Ga.-based Uniting Hope 4 Children, plans...

Bacterial leaf scorch affecting oak trees

...Watering an infected tree during times of heat and prolonged drought will help extend the trees' lives. Injections in the root flares at the base of the tree, done by arborist companies, might provide temporary remission of the symptoms.With many hackberries...

Litke: NFL won't appreciate movie called Concussion

...distilling all those statistics and case studies into a dramatic battle of good vs. evil will make it that much tougher to ever root for Goodell and his enablers again.This is most of the same crew, after all, that installed Dr. Elliot Pellman, a rheumatologist...

Battle over sales tax plays out online

...Moses Todd's iloveaug.org site is covered with "Ax the Tax" and "Repeal Storm water Tax Ordinance" signs.Todd is out to root corruption from the fertile field of local government, which could turn out to be too big a field to plow. ZONED OUT: I must...