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Deputies may appear before grand jury

...citizens, a University of Georgia law professor said. "A few other states have it, including New York," said Dr. Ronald Carlson, professor at law at University of Georgia. "It's a special protection for peace officers, an expression of...
Know facts about 'stand your ground' laws before facing decision, legal experts say

...even in a public place, can retaliate with force of his own, said University of Georgia School of Law professor Ronald Carlson.In states where "stand your ground" does not exist, a person threatened by force has an obligation to retreat...
Tarver has right skills, lawyers say

...Prosecutorial experience is a big plus, but not necessarily fatal to a candidate if he doesn't have that," said Ronald Carlson, a University of Georgia School of Law professor who during the Bush administration served on a judicial nominating...
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Court decision frees up judges

...changes, he said. "They should give the federal trial bench the respect it deserves," Mr. Garrett said. Professor Ronald Carlson, of the University of Georgia School of Law, said the Supreme Court's decisions were affirmation of the jury system...
Jury's makeup diverse

...the grand jury's work is secret, which makes it extremely hard to predict what jurors will come up with, said Ronald Carlson, professor of law at the University of Georgia. "And that's part of the nature of the process," Mr. Carlson...