New pope was in charge of doctrinal crackdowns

...Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger also has alienated some Roman Catholics with his zeal in enforcing church orthodoxy. And...in the drive to shore up the faith of the world's Roman Catholics. Ratzinger speaks several languages, among them...

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Pope's address to US Congress will be historic

...Republicans who run the House and Senate.Francis will speak Sept. 24, marking the first time the head of the world's Roman Catholics will address Congress. It will come during the first U.S. visit of Francis' 2-year-old papacy, a trip also...

Obtuse and offensive

...Muslims? That we shouldn't condemn Muslim terrorists for their real-time atrocities because of the bad things the Roman Catholics did during the Spanish Inquisition centuries ago?What a startlingly juvenile view. And insulting, too.Our lecturer-in-chief...

Mass mobs fill pews, lift prayers at NY churches

...mob.Playing off the idea of using social media to summon crowds for parties or mischief, mobs of Buffalo-area Roman Catholics have been filling pews and lifting spirits at some of the city's original, now often sparsely attended, churches...

Our United States is changing for worse

...and refuse to accept the greatness of our great nation. My maternal grandparents were harassed because they were Roman Catholics and foreigners.My paternal grandparents were farmers in Georgia and moved to Florida, where his cotton fields were...

SC bishops: Schools failing children, need boost

...the Catholic bishop who represents about 200,000 Roman Catholics in 199 congregations. "We don't want it to be...the majority of children in the state, including Roman Catholics, are educated in the public schools, and some of...

Women's seminar coming to an end

...choose speakers from a wide variety of backgrounds. They have ranged from professional women to homemmakers, from Roman Catholics to Baptists.Once, they even considered inviting men to speak. But that idea was quickly struck down by others...

Baker ordained as 12th bishop of Charleston

...Wednesday's celebration was the largest gathering of Roman Catholics in South Carolina since Pope John Paul II celebrated...Baker is now the spiritual leader of the 122,000 Roman Catholics in the statewide diocese. Even so, hundreds of the...

Faithful debate legacy of John Paul II in America

...step away from sainthood on Sunday, the event will be celebrated in cathedrals, high schools and homes by American Roman Catholics who revere the Polish pontiff like none before him.Other U.S. Catholics see the occasion as a reminder that the...

Benedict bore formidable burden

...the majesty of Vatican pageantry. And on Monday, the Vatican announced that the leader of the world's billion Roman Catholics was stepping down - the first pontiff to do so since 1415.The German theologian, whose mission was to reawaken...