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...expensive, costing as much as a Rolls-Royce, and only about 3,000 were...it the nickname 'America's Rolls-Royce.' I love it when our host...about the same price as a new Rolls-Royce. Even at the high price Ford lost...

Allen Suchko

...collected cars the way most women collect shoes, having different colors and finishes, both casual and fancy (like his Rolls-Royce), but a definite affinity towards American models. In recent years, he enjoyed dabbling in the stock market and...

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...responses to last week's classic Rolls-Royce. And most of those vehicles made...Last week's car was a 1905 Rolls-Royce 10-horsepower, one of four...that this week's car is a 1905 Rolls-Royce. Based on your first clue, I...

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...Clair, Mich. It was the first time the land speed record was held outside of France. The auto was known as 'the 999 special.' "WARRENTON, GA.: Don Wiggins thought that from the looks of it, the car might be the first Rolls-Royce.

Camry, Outback, XC90 get new style for 2015

...to join the sport-luxury fray. Came out in the spring. Starts about $50,000.Rolls-RoyceGHOST SERIES II: Rolls Royce debuted this updated version of the 5-year-old Ghost sedan to U.S. audiences last spring in New York. The Ghost...

Maria Borisovna Tolstykh - Thomas Cashin Folk

...Aerospace Engineering. Maria is currently employed by Rolls-Royce Corporation in Indianapolis, Ind., as a Turbine Aerodynamicist...Engineering Honor Society.Thomas is currently employed by Rolls-Royce Corporation in Derby, U.K., as an Engine Performance...

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...but I'm thinking it's a 1932 model J."TIGNALL, GA.: Gene Wilson said it looked to him that it was a 1930s Rolls-Royce.NO CITY LISTED: Mike Miller guessed the 1937 Duesenberg.

On a roll: Sales of super-expensive Rolls-Royce cars are up 33 percent globally

...more popular than ever before.Rolls-Royce reported a startling rise in demand...of the Downton Abbey era.At Rolls-Royce Motor Cars London, the showroom...hides.Gone are the days when Rolls-Royce traditionalists sneered at Beatle...

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...just gorgeous, and I've always wanted one."2. Rolls-Royce Phantom "3. 2014 car I would buy with limited...and the most expensive) but Studebaker tried to copy Rolls Royce by withholding ratings for horsepower and torque...

Bookworm: 'NOS4A2' scares with Christmasland

...parents because Manx knew that tattooed women and preoccupied fathers meant trouble. So he enticed children into his 1938 Rolls Royce Wraith, promising that they'd live with him at Christmasland, where there were gifts every morning and candy every...