Carson right on Islam

Pray for divine guidance when voting for candidates.

Put Mideast in perspective

This political agenda engenders and foments a diabolical hatred of the Israelis.

Letter ignores hatred coming from left

Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck never have advocated killing any public figures. However, Chris Matthews and Ed Schultz from MSNBC have mused over the possible deaths of Limbaugh or Dick Cheney.

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Letter writer gets it wrong on Israel

"Palestinians" living in Israel enjoy a higher standard of living, but cannot openly say so or they would be signing their own death warrants.

Jihad does, in fact, mean holy war

...religious duty). Wehr's dictionary has been and continues to be used throughout the Mideast by Arabic "mutarjeem" (interpreters/translators) because of its adherence to various nuances of the Arabic language. Roger Eden, Grovetown, Ga.

Errors riddled Islam documentary

...Mutarjimeen/interpreters and translators and is highly valued for its correctness and faithfulness to the nuances of the Arabic language. I wish I could say the same for Yusuf Ali's translation of the Koran. Roger Eden, Grovetown, Ga.

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Takes courage to refute extremists

In response to Roger Eden's Nov. 14 letter, I ask him not to live in the past. He concluded that the "Islamic nations there do not want peace." I...

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Rebuts anti-biblical arguments

...of current technology. This can only be attributed to the divine intelligence of Jehovah God, not to random chance. Roger Eden, Grovetown As far as Columbus was concerned, the words, "circle of the Earth" were asliteral as could be and definitely...

Economic mess has brewed for years

Most Democrats and Republicans-in-name-only don't seem to care about our country. They have become totally corrupted by the power of politics.

Rants and raves

...Nothing wrong with mothers, but a man can take care of his kids just as good as a lady. APPARENTLY LETTER writer Roger Eden seems to be a better student of the Quran than the King James version of the Bible. Incest, murder, war, rape. And...

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