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Singer is leaving Jesus role - maybe theater

...plays Judas in the current production. Modest and eager to downplay his talent, Mr. Neeley categorizes himself as a rock drummer from Texas who can hit some high notes. Still, he said, he is pretty proud, and a little amazed, that he can still...
Duo is still searching for the 'great accident'

...conservatory-bred jazz keyboardist, "great accident" is one of Marco Benevento's favorite expressions. Russo, a hypertalented rock drummer, enjoys it as well. It was, for example, a great accident when the two found themselves cruising around the island...
Born to play

...out. Mr. Eubanks heard his uncles playing the vintage music growing up but never had much of an interest - he was a rock drummer until Eryn pulled her family into bluegrass. Now, he plays percussion instruments, such as the spoons and the washboard...
Drummer thanks burn center staff

Rock drummer Travis Barker returned to Augusta and the burn center that saved his life Wednesday to show those who treated him his appreciation...