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Property transfers

...for Sept. 30-Oct. 6. The date indicates when the transfer was recorded in the clerk's office:SEPT. 30 Robert P. McConnell Jr. to William August McConnell, James Robert McConnell and Thomas Wayne McConnell, Section II, Lots 24 and 25...
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Smokers, nonsmokers resent notion of ban

...don't think people would spend as much money or time here if they have to go outside (to smoke)," she said. Robert P. McConnell Jr., of Hephzibah, called the smoking bans, "political correctness gone totally out of control." Mr. McConnell...
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Fryer ballot ban has a bad stench

...deprived of the opportunity to vote for a candidate for sheriff by just one man, Mr. McCracken. Something stinks in Augusta, and it seems to be politics as usual. Show me where I am wrong. I dare you. Robert P. McConnell Jr., Hephzibah
Remains proud of country, Congress

...differently. I admire people who will stand up for what is right, even if it may end their careers. I think that if Ms. Johnson will look again, she might find a lot to be proud of in this country. ... Robert P. McConnell Jr., Hephzibah
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Readers differ on how to deal with terrorists following assaults

...George T. Brown, Grovetown, Ga. *** My compliments to Rick McKee on his Sept. 13 cartoon. It is great. Robert P. McConnell Jr., Hephzibah, Ga. *** The Rev. Timothy Fellows' words (letter, Sept. 13) are no different than those...
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Commission takes the easy way out

...Marion Williams going to Washington, D.C. and telling the world that Augusta has a "Civil War" mentality. The only thing that accomplished was to make themselves, and Augusta look pretty stupid ... Robert P. McConnell Jr., Hephzibah
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Defends candidate despite `mistake'

...down to run for office knowing he would have to face this, but he did anyway. That takes strength of character that I admire. Report the whole story, and let the people decide, unless you are afraid to. Robert P. McConnell Jr., Augusta
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Selling out Old Glory is a betrayal

...In the meantime, every veteran should also write the president and tell him where you stand on this matter. Do be careful how you tell him how you feel, because he is not worth going to jail over. Robert P. McConnell Jr., Hephzibah
Ministers' stance indefensible

...hope that people think about this at election time and we get some good people in the local government, but with black and white racism being what it is, I doubt it very much. It is such a shame. Robert P. McConnell Jr., Hephzibah, Ga.
Vote city leaders out to get change

...then vote. If everybody of every ethnic group would do this, we the people could make a difference here for the benefit of our children and grandchildren. It is your choice people, think about it. Robert P. McConnell Jr., Hephzibah, Ga.