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Ramblin' Rhodes: Singer sticks to traditional country music

...month, gets rave reviews from tough critics, including Chet Flippo (Billboard and Rolling Stone magazines) and Robert Oermann (TNN specials, many books and Music Row magazine), but her mostly traditional country recordings are igonored...
Augusta has had deep pool of country talent

...single, Jambalaya, a remake of a Hank Williams song. Noted Nashville, Tenn., journalist and country historian Robert Oermann is working with Miss Lee on an autobiography. She was inducted into the Country Music Association's Hall of Fame...
Don Rhodes keeps ramblin'

...that the column shift to the combined Sunday edition of the The Augusta Chronicle-Herald. Country music historian Robert Oermann was the one who designated Rhodes the "longest-running" country music columnist in America.His efforts have...
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Latest album from '70s country star gets high praise in Nashville

...album is on a level with Carole King's Tapestry or Santana's Supernatural. It's that good." Country writer Robert Oermann said, "You won't hear a finer piece of work on any of the majors." You can find out more about it at www.jeanniekendall...
Ramblin' Rhodes
Ramblin' Rhodes: Singer avoids long wait at hall of fame

...for so many years to do what I love to do most - sing." Her autobiography, written with Nashville music historian Robert Oermann, is to be released in the spring. Don Rhodes has written about country music for 31 years. He can be reached at...
Ramblin' Rhodes: Chronicling country has been a blast

...columns came out (with introductions by Miss Pearl, Barbara Mandrell and Brenda Lee), respected country historian Robert Oermann wrote in The Tennessean, Nashville's morning newspaper, that I was the longest-running country music columnist...
Album brings Patsy Cline's voice, music back

...everyone said she wanted to sound like." These recordings are definitely hit-or-miss with country fans, said Robert Oermann, a music historian and author of the upcoming book, Century of Country. Although there doesn't appear to be much...
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Serenade by Munchkin is rare, memorable occasion

...HARGROVE: Rose Drake, the widow of steel guitar legend Pete Drake, e-mailed me the obituary profile written by Robert Oermann about singer-songwriter Linda Hargrove, who died Oct. 24 at age 61 in Tallahassee, Fla. She had been battling...
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