Civil War's toll created Arlington National Cemetery

...ordered the land turned into a military cemetery.The location for the cemetery just happened to be the former estate of Robert E. Lee, who took command of the Confederate Army when Virginia seceded from the Union in 1861. The Union Army immediately...

Kirby: Native son Wheeler had life of distinction

...he lived in Alabama, where he became a congressman. Still, he always referred to himself as a Georgian.Although Robert E. Lee called him one of the greatest cavalrymen he'd ever seen, Wheeler's lowest West Point grades were in cavalry tactics...

Tour shows off central Georgia Civil War site

...a dear price paid for the war," he said. Union troops never took Macon during the war. It was only after Gen. Robert E. Lee surrendered that Macon surrendered peaceably, Colvin said.This is the second year the Cannonball House has done...

Symposium discusses Confederacy

AIKEN -- Historians gave the wife of Gen. Robert E. Lee the short shrift, according to her great-granddaughter...Mrs. Zimmer based much of her speech on her book The Robert E. Lee Family Cooking and Housekeeping Book. The idea for...

Lee seems to appear in photograph

Does the ghost of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee haunt a small battlefield near Aiken where outnumbered...apparently the first time anyone has seen the specter of Robert E. Lee. "Apparitions are pretty common on Civil War battlefields...

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REMEMBERING ROBERT E. LEE To recognize that today is the 201st anniversary of the birthday of Southern icon Robert E. Lee, we offer this brief quiz. 1. What was his horse's name? 2...

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Remember a pair of Southern heroes

...sons of Virginia stepped up to defend her borders. Robert E. Lee and Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson had no other choice...what the Constitution meant. They wrote it. Gen. Robert E. Lee was born Jan. 21, 1807. He was called the greatest...

Across the Southeast

Events commemorate birth of Robert E. Lee RICHMOND, Va. - History buffs and Confederate enthusiasts...marking the 200th anniversary of the birth of Gen. Robert E. Lee, the Southern icon many still revere as a brilliant...

Novel's anecdotes lack applicability

...today's business leaders, Al Kaltman's The Genius of Robert E. Lee merely goes to show that they don't make them like...suzanne.stone@augustachronicle.com. The Genius of Robert E. Lee: Leadership Lessons for the Outgunned, Outnumbered...

Events to honor Lee, Jackson

...of two of the South's most beloved heroes, Gens. Robert E. Lee and Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson, with banquets Saturday...North at 7 p.m. Mrs. Zimmer, the author of The Robert E. Lee Family Cooking and Housekeeping Book, is also one of...