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NASCAR: Deadly combination

...drivers and car owners said they don't want him back. Hmiel isn't the first person in NASCAR to have problems. Driver Rob Moroso was drunk when he slammed head-on into another car in 1990, killing himself and a woman in the other car. And last...
NASCAR will never be the same

...given NASCAR's elite time to forget their own mortality. Neil Bonnett ... Alan Kulwicki ... Davey Allison ... Rob Moroso ... Kenny Irwin ... Nothing, however, prepared the NASCAR community for what happened Sunday in the Great American...
Scott Michaux
Sale could mean more wins

...combined for only one win in the past five years - but he's been too close to several of the sport's fallen heroes. Rob Moroso, his first Winston Cup Series driver, was killed in a car accident on the way home from a race. Sabates also was a...
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Racers get tickets, too

...for the revenuers. The darkest day for racers on the public highway came in 1990 when defending Busch Series champion Rob Moroso and a woman were killed in a two-car accident after a race in Charlotte. Moroso, who was driving about 75 mph on...
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