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Season equinox arrives, signaling the onset of longer, warmer days in ages." Mr. Brown, who has peddled plants, fertilizers and gardening accessories for 28 years, knows the rites of spring as well as anyone. "You get to see everyone," he said. "It's the time to be outside." Today is the first...
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Azaleas add splash of color to Aiken

...of the colorful ornamentals. The azaleas always seem to bloom as if on cue, just in time for Augusta's golfing rites of spring. Despite rumors of ice being put on the roots to keep the buds from blossoming too soon, a former assistant golf...
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The week ahead

...Masters Tournament. But despite what the circumstances of our lives might have told us, all of those things were rites of spring until today. So let's celebrate the official first day of summer. As of today, it's vacation, lazy hammock...
Races spur Aiken economy

...many things to many people. The prospect of a winning thoroughbred. Pageantry and champagne parties. The first rites of spring. "And the excuse to have fun," Mrs. Ruark said. Fun isn't the only bonus. There's no denying that the three-weekend...
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Better think twice before labeling someone 'emo' punk and hard-core rock. Bands generally categorized as emo include Matchbook Romance, Story of the Year and Rites of Spring. The word "emo" comes from the word "emotional," which certainly describes this movement. Unlike other rock...
Masters Tournament tops an enticing menu

...and Gary Woodland or the sage experience of some of the veterans who are always factors every April.These opening rites of spring give the competitors and fans much to hope for this year. On a week as engaging as this one, drink deep.
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Guest column: Don't hurt Aiken's horse training reputation

...Crown" with its Aiken Trials, Aiken Steeplechase and Harness races combining to provide a sensational first-rites-of-spring celebration. Horse street signs, picturesque dirt roads, the unbelievably alluring 2,000-acre Hitchcock Woods...
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Andy Johnston: Just for fun, slide in some of these videos so much fun. Most baseball flicks are overburdened with sentimentality, but this one pokes fun at all that "rites of spring" junk with a delightful look at life in the minor leagues. Crash Davis, Annie Savoy and Nuke Laloosh will go down...
Other sports
Players brave cold in Atlanta for workout at Turner Field

On a frosty winter day, the Atlanta Braves started getting ready for the rites of spring ? tossing around baseballs and jumping into the batting cage to take a few swings at Turner Field.It might seem hard to believe...