Scientists surprised at how John Glenn handled rigors of space

BETHESDA, Md. -- John Glenn's 77-year-old body handled the rigors of space every bit as well as astronauts roughly half his age, NASA scientists said Friday in disclosing some of the lessons they...

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Teachers begin prep for Milestones

...trying to break old habits and adapt to the new system's "rigor."The Georgia Milestones are meant to replace the current...we can't expect them to do well. The big word now is 'rigor.' We have to bring more rigors to our tests."

Ex-South Carolina football star Marcus Lattimore retires from NFL before he can start

...snap because of two serious knee injuries while he was in college, and he has decided his knees might not hold up through the rigors of a 16-game season.Lattimore informed the San Francisco 49ers he will retire, two years after blowing out his right knee...

Why You Should Consider Trade School Instead of College

...degree in the United States costs $127,000.Dropout Rate A third drawback: some people simply aren't prepared for the rigors of a four year college. The Institute of Education Statistics estimates that 40% of attendees at a four year college drop...

Parents should help ensure children's academic rigor

...longitudinal study completed by the National Center for Education Statistics, success in college correlates most directly with the rigor of one's high school curriculum, not SAT scores.STUDENTS MAY NOT want to be challenged academically, but they need to...

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NCAA working on new plan to better handle academic-misconduct investigations

...it seems like it should change, however, what we all hear from campuses is that the courses offered, curriculum, majors, rigor, etc. are an institutional or campus department matter," said Kim Durand, associate athletic director for student development...

SC Honor Flight seeks World War II vets for May flight to DC monuments

...group of volunteer physicians and nurses go over each veteran's medical records ahead of time to make sure they can handle the rigors of the tour. For some, it is the first time they have been on an airplane.'I'll be there to welcome them home," Siegfried...

Eighty-five-year-old trainer Manny Azpurua enjoying the ride with precocious colt Social Inclusion

...more than 3,500 races before coming to the United States 35 years ago.Few would begrudge him wanting an escape from the rigors of the racetrack ? the pre-dawn wakeup calls, the physical labor, the constant worry about his horses.Except that Azpurua...

US Women's Disc Golf Championships finish on a high note

...The U.S. Women's Disc Golf Championship brought in 98 competitors from 21 states, all vying for a chance to tackle the rigors of both the "Steady" Ed Memorial and the Jim Warner Memorial courses.In the end, it was Page Pierce, a two-time world...

Barnes' education reform focuses on the wrong issues

...none has really focused upon curriculum rigor. In my comparative analysis of state standards...norm-referenced tests. Since curriculum rigor was not a priority in the education reform...due process rights, enhancing curriculum rigor, and improving teacher effectiveness...

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