Most Richmond County schools now equipped with entry security system

Thirty-eight of the Richmond County school district's 56 schools now have buzz-in security systems, requiring visitors to press a button by the locked front door and identify themselves to the receptionist before being allowed inside.

Cheryl Slappy

...born on September 3, 1963 in Augusta, GA to the late Viola Estell Slappy. Cheryl attended schools in the Richmond County School Districts. She was a graduate of the class of 1981 of Glenn Hills High School. She was preceded in death by her mother...

Data gathering on Richmond County school district enrollment to begin

A consultant will begin gathering data on enrollment projections and building usage to launch the process of consolidating schools in Richmond County.

Rants & Raves

...thing we are told to do by the federal government. Does anyone remember those water-saving toilets?IF THE RICHMOND County School District is so short of funds ... why don't they drop their association with the curriculum known as America's...

Jenkins-White Elementary wants to show its worth as charter school

...Principal Janie Norris. "We want our children to see a better life."As one of two charter schools in the Richmond County school district, Jenkins-White is aiming to give a top education to a demographic of children dealing with social and economic...

AYP results for Richmond County schools worst among state peers

...that had originally missed the mark, but the improvements made by sister districts surpassed Augusta's.Richmond County school district leaders tend not to compare their test results with suburban or rural systems, but with other urban districts...

Rants & Raves

...However, it's the second grading period and Spirit Creek Middle School along with other schools in the Richmond County School District are still experiencing problems. I am just wondering whose responsibility is it to get this transportation...

Rants & Raves

...with staff or does he scrimp by with only one free mansion with merged staff?THIS IS A RAVE to the HONEST Richmond County School District employee who found my lost multicolored gemstone bracelet in the restroom on the first floor of central office...

Storms down power lines, trees across Augusta region

...County Fire Chief Chris James said. One victim sustained a fracture, the other was knocked unconscious.The Richmond County School District sent automatic phone messages to all parents concerning the possible transportation delays and an additional...

Make a smart investment

...In all, a state assessment last year identified some $326 million in capital improvement needs in the Richmond County school district. That's the considered opinion by outside experts of our most pressing needs ? not a mere wish list...