Richmond County school board approves 'BackPack' program to fight hunger

The Richmond County Board of Education voted to formalize a partnership with the Golden Harvest Food Bank during Tuesday's committee meeting, paving the way for a program designed to help elementary school students eat well during weekends and school holidays.

Rants & Raves

...Fourth, I noticed the following: The old school on Windsor Spring Road near Highway 88 is deplorable. To the Richmond County school board: Why are you letting a mess continue so long? ISN'T IT STRANGE that our GDP was -0.01, we had 315...

Richmond County school board to begin superintendent interviews

The school board will begin the interview process in a closed meeting at the Augusta Metro Chamber of Commerce at 1 p.m. Friday. A second session will be held at 8:30 a.m. Saturday.

Richmond County school board settles lawsuit with ex-parent volunteer

The Richmond County school board affirmed the settlement of a lawsuit filed by a former parent volunteer during Tuesday's meeting, agreeing to contribute $1...

Richmond County school board votes to fill vacant positions to ease staff workload

Roberson asked the board to consider filling the vacant assistant superintendent of high schools position and a "downgrade" of the assistant superintendent of student services position.

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...MASON, YOU might as well drop out of the race for mayor. Your recent past has caught up with you. RANT FOR RICHMOND County school board transportation department. I passed a bus with a "drivers needed" sign. If they would make the pay competitive...

Richmond County school board members differ on Georgia gun law

Richmond County Board of Education President Venus Cain has added the discussion to the board's May meeting in hopes of persuading her colleagues to keep Augusta schools gun-free.

Richmond County school board upset about low AP scores

Richmond County Board of Education members and the superintendent's staff clashed over low Advanced Placement exam scores during their Friday retreat as officials grappled over how to improve flagging test results.

Richmond County school board addresses handwriting skills

With concerns about the demise of basic handwriting skills, the Richmond County Board of Education's instruction committee Tuesday directed staff to survey elementary school principals to find out how much time is dedicated to cursive and how it is being taught.

City Ink: Media not invited to city's secret meeting

It's a sad state of affairs when the Richmond County school board president holds a tea party at the public library and invites the mayor of Augusta, commissioners, school board members and a...