Pupil injured in shooting at W.S. Hornsby Elementary School

...be open for classes Wednesday, and that many students had told her they were not afraid to return.Several Richmond County school board members said they were "shocked" by the shooting. Board president Helen Minchew said parents should make...

Adding value

...elected or appointed board has unique talents and perspectives, and the expertise that Frank Dolan brings to the Richmond County school board is among the most valued.That is, when he shows up to meetings.The Augusta businessman has been criticized...

Richmond County school board member says absences caused by 'frustration' not negligence

Frank Dolan said he is tired of fellow Richmond County school board members, particularly the president, scrutinizing his attendance at meetings."I think it's a petty move," Dolan said...

Richmond County Board of Education hears report on transportation, school safety

...officials delivered a detailed breakdown of transportation systems and school safety measures at Tuesday's Richmond County school board meeting, providing information on what worked and what didn't during the back-to-school launch.Members...

Richmond County school board questions stormwater fee, takes stance district is exempt

The Richmond County Board of Education voted to approve a motion asking the Augusta Commission for more information on the newly passed stormwater fee, with some board members arguing that state law exempts the public entity from paying the fee.

Rants & Raves

...from murdering? THE SOUTH was not dedicated to slavery, but to state's rights. HOW IN THE WORLD could the Richmond County school board approve going on a convention for $13,858? Whoever did ought to be fired or counseled. That's terrible...

Rants & Raves

...with his name on them. When he is found guilty, he needs to be hung that day! HOW IN THE WORLD could the Richmond County school board approve going on a convention for $13,858? Whoever did ought to be fired or counseled. That's terrible...

Richmond County school board to finalize 2016 budget

The Richmond County Board of Edu­cation will hold a final vote Tues­day on the proposed 2016 budget, which offers raises to school employees and eliminates furlough days.

Long hair isn't culture clash today like in 1960s

...if the school system had a more specific dress code policy. In February 1970, The Chronicle reported, the Richmond County school board quickly passed one.Girls had only three rules, including a prohibition against "dressy shoes," leading...

They Way We Were: 1970

...trying to curb student behavior by passing rules about their appearance. A February article reported that the Richmond County school board passed a new dress codebanning "extreme" hair styles in both boys and girls.The list also forbade beards...