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Augusta Democrats needed to fill delegate slots for Georgia Democratic Convention in Dublin can go to the (Democratic) caucus."The Richmond County party needs five more delegates and three alternates to...Myles and Lowell Greenbaum, the chairman of the Richmond County party, were disappointed that Augusta Convention Center...
Richmond County party questions seek voter interest in many topics

In addition to statewide questions on the primary ballots, Richmond County voters also will see a few questions from the local party organizations.Most of the local questions are on the Republican ballot.Republican Party Chair­man Bob Finnegan emphasized that the questions are nonbinding and are meant to help political leaders gauge public interest in certain issues."It's like a poll," Finnegan said. "We are just looking for information."
Election Day chat with Lowell Greenbaum your face lowell Lowell Greenbaum: Look, you win some and you lose some. If I am grinning its because the Richmond County Party has combined with the Obama group and the Barrow group, and the unions here to be united. I think that will bring...
Hopefuls praise full field

...for staging a clean race amid issues of "race-baiting" that plague county politics. Lowell Greenbaum, the Richmond County party chairman, said the attendance by all invited candidates showed party unity and vitality. "They (the candidates...
Local delegates chosen

...Saturday and elected delegates to the district and state conventions. Meeting at the municipal building, the Richmond County party elected 48 delegates and 48 alternates to the 10th Congressional District and state meetings. The district convention...
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Democratic committee to meet in Augusta

...field headquarters in Augusta.At the first satellite Democratic headquarters to open, located at the present Richmond County party office at 1101 Greene St., Democrats from around the region will train and strategize before upcoming state and...
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Post-election chat

...soon to congratulate Dave about Chambliss. This rubber stamp for Bush could only muster 49.9%. It was the Richmond County Party that gave Martin more net votes than any county southof Augusta Lowell Greenbaum: Whoops South of Atlanta David...
At Democratic meeting, GOP almost appears to be the focus

...DOGS AND OTHER PARTY FAITHFUL: Yellow Dog Democrat awards went to Mr. Barrow, Mr. Walker, Mr. Powell and Richmond County Party Chairman Lowell Greenbaum. Rep. Henry Howard received a plaque for 15 years of service in the House. Outgoing...
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Elections center on education

...District (part of Columbia County) Party: Republican Candidates: Ben Harbin*, Ron Beul 114th District (part of Richmond County) Party: Republican Candidates: Robin Williams*, Sue Burmeister 174th District (part of Glynn County) Party: Republican...