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Writer hits disgusting low

...views of our God-fearing neighbors.Under the sanctimonious heading "America is godless nation" (June 15), Richard Hogue proceeds to expound in a letter to the editor upon his hate faith declaring that homosexuality is a moral choice, an...
Planners approve rezoning

...within 500 yards of the race track. The meeting attracted a standing-room-only crowd of more than 100 people. Richard Hogue, who lives just three-tenths of a mile from the Gordon Highway track, represented those in opposition, arguing...
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Says deny forum to 'hate letters'

...intolerance an editorial forum is no more censorship than refusing to print letters advocating pedophilia or violence. Richard Hogue (letter, Dec. 19) states that the Rev. Tim Fellows' views need to be respected. Why? Uninformed, hateful...
Wildwood options considered

...Wildwood Park is too valuable to turn back over to the Corps and (not suitable) for high-impact development," said Richard Hogue, one of more than 30 county residents who attended a public forum on Wildwood at the Phinizy Community Center on Monday...
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Open mind: Garbage in, garbage out

...closed-minded may not be so much a case of being retarded as Ms. Elaine van de Linden has suggested, but rather being progressive in the search for the optimum alternative solution by rejecting old ideas in new clothes. Richard Hogue, Grovetown
Says prisons for revenge and control

...if a crime is committed then punishment is appropriate. If we want to show mercy and free lawbreakers, let's make sure they will not rob, rape or pillage their neighbors again. Otherwise, throw away the key. Richard Hogue, Grovetown
Columbia school board: Whitaker, Hicks win

...In District 3, Ms. Whitaker won by a landslide. Randy Newman was in second with 657 votes or 16.62 percent. Richard Hogue was in third with 532 votes or 13.45 percent and Larry Buser finished with 261 votes or 6.6 percent. The school...
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School board candidates all singing the same tune

...said he wants better relations between parents and the school system. In District 3, candidates Larry Buser and Richard Hogue both want sound financial management of the schools, while Roxanne Whitaker wants to improve superintendent-school...
Unopposed racesin Tuesday's primary

...Scott Hinds, Williford Shipes Jr., Wayne Bridges, Debbie Brooks. District 3: Randall C. Newman, Larry Buser, Richard Hogue, Roxanne Whitaker. District 5: Ray Hicks, Lee Munns.
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Residents voice dissent on county consolidation

...with dirt roads and no water lines. "I haven't heard anything here tonight that's changed my mind,'' said Richard Hogue, who lives outside Grovetown and said he is opposed to a consolidation. County officials said franchise fees from...
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