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Draft prospects are antsy

...And why not: Long already knows where he's going, and when. The Miami Dolphins made the Michigan tackle a very rich young man by signing him to a five-year contract worth $57.75 million, $30 million of it guaranteed. He will be the...
New home-video releases

...SEASON ($38.99, PARAMOUNT): This reality series follows the lives and crises of Orange County teenagers - assuming rich, young, beautiful people have crises. The three-disc set includes deleted scenes and cast interviews. - David Germain...
God-fearing leaders are needed urgently

The current political climate in the United States and its dominant Republican Party reminds me of the rich young man who kept the Ten Commandments since he was a boy. When given the choice to sell everything and give to the poor to follow...
Business news

...enlisted the help of the FBI to look into alleged incidents of sabotage at some of its network facilities.Spokesman Rich Young said the company, based in New York City, has discovered more than 90 acts of sabotage since the strike began last...
USOC confirms Jerome Young tested positive before 2000 Games

...cover-up." Since 2000, drug-testing in the United States has been run by an independent body, the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency. The USOC report was compiled by doping expert Rich Young, who went through 700,000 pages of documents.
Other sports
Favorite demands perfection

...took away all the financial benefits that today's golfers are receiving thanks to Woods' impact on the game, the rich young superstars must be feeling a bit put out by their unfortunate career timing. In terms of trying to win majors and establish...
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