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Landscaping goes miniature in containers project, or they can be done by a landscape designer or gardener as part of a larger project. Most retail nurseries have container gardening supplies, and some have staff to design and plant the pots. Nurseries also sell pre-potted...
Well-planted career actually designing with plants. I design as I go. It usually looks a lot better that way." After working at retail nurseries for about 15 years, Mr. Frazier said he hopes eventually to return to the classroom. He has returned to college...
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Energy drains smaller firms

...Allen said he also noticed a drop in orders from the retail nurseries that sell directly to backyard green thumbs. The...its seven full-time workers. "I'd say they (retail nurseries) are off 25-30 percent, and that's just guessing...
Plant disease still a concern

...tested." Mr. Johnson said 10,000 of 28,000 suspected plants in Georgia - the most of any state - were found at retail nursery sites and were destroyed. It was in April that 13 Georgia nurseries were hit by sudden oak death, including two...