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Ludicrous reprimand

...until Jennings lifts his reprimand. Even before this incident, the ever-arrogant Jennings was the county's least respected judge. He earned his "stripes" with the absurdly low bond he set for Shayna Lively, the drunk driver who killed a father...
Here's to 35 years

...Tasters Guild and American Wine Society, and the Atlanta Wine Summit and Virginia Governor's Cup. "They are well-respected judges," Mr. Dye said. Mr. and Ms. Benjamin are also frequently asked to lead training seminars. Mr. Dye has also...
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Article unfairly smeared an outstanding judge

...the pay for the work they perform. Judge Mulherin has been on the bench for many years, and is one of the most respected judges in our state. In fact, he is frequently requested to preside in matters outside our judicial circuit because of...
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Franklin H. Pierce 1972 and serving until his death Tuesday at age 85. He will be remembered as a "conscientious, dedicated and respected judge ... always a gentleman on and off the bench," noted longtime friend and associate, Chief Judge William M. Fleming...
NBC aims for adult audience with big-budget miniseries

...who are trying to arrest him, which is absurd. They may be corrupt cops, but it still looks ridiculous to see a respected judge trying to punch them. That kind of thing probably plays better in Martini's books than in a miniseries. Likewise...
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A stain on the FBI

...letter stated. "I had read Philby's book." Obviously, security measures need to be tightened within the FBI. A good first step toward reform will be an internal review by respected Judge William Webster, a former FBI and CIA director.
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Flag flap --again

...Klein claiming that Georgia's flag is "defiant, hurtful and wrong." It is Klein's view that is divisive. Respected Judge John Sammons Bell, the flag's designer, said in 1956 -- and maintains to this day -- that our state flag is...
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