Enrollment drop plagues Georgia colleges

...drop is a reflection of the merger which led to elevated admissions standards. They're confident that the addition of researchers will raise the school's visibility and allow it to draw students from neighboring states and across the country as a premier...

UGA to work on diversity

...internships or study that requires travel.? A hiring initiative for research faculty, announced this fall; two top researchers have already agreed to come to UGA, he said.? Faculty pay raises. UGA faculty shared in a 2 percent pay raise pool...

Visitors center name will honor Andrews

The new visitors center at the Skidaway Institute of Oceanography will carry the name of a former researcher who was also a major donor and fundraiser. On Tuesday, the Board of Regents approved naming the 5,000-square-foot facility...

Clinical Research Unit opens at Children's Hospital of Georgia

...in those studies, Diamond said.As a clinician, having the unit right there also makes it easier for Neunert to be a researcher, she said,"This allows now for a space where clinical faculty can also have a space and a place to explore research activities...

Researchers say iPhone, iPad security flaw opens door to malicious apps

SAN FRANCISCO - Security researchers say they've discovered a vulnerability...legitimate app, according to FireEye researchers. The app can be downloaded wirelessly...from a trusted source.FireEye researchers said hackers might send a message...

Why US inflation stays ultra-low while job growth is surging

...companies can move operations overseas.O'Keefe notes that this trend increasingly hurts skilled U.S. service workers. Software engineers, legal researchers and IT help desk workers all compete with lower-paid workers overseas.

Grant through Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation moves up GRU cancer trials for kids

...brain tumors who are out of good options for treatment.GRU researcher Theodore Johnson hopes his immunotherapy approach, which...suppresses the immune system, was discovered by GRU Cancer Center researchers Andrew Mellor and David Munn as one of the mechanisms in...

Hundreds of family members of fallen military members share how they grieve, cope for study

...its aftermath to a researcher, hoping that input...handled by eight field researchers across the country...the senior field researcher, said the team members...matters."The field researchers are trained to recognize...

GRU researching liver cancer target

...of inflammation in cancer could provide a unique target for deadly liver cancer and potentially other cancers as well, a researcher at Georgia Regents University Cancer Center said.Dr. Anatolij Horuzsko has a $1.6 million grant from the National Cancer...

Farmers brace for workforce shortage under Obama's executive action on immigration

...increase wages, Elenes said.Ed Kissam, an immigration researcher at the immigrant advocacy group WKF Giving Fund, said he...It's not going to be a mass exodus."Edward Taylor, a researcher at the University of California, Davis, said a shortage...