Google to give away software to Microsoft Office defectors

...the quality of its software and its resolve to undercut one of Microsoft's most valuable franchises, said Aragon Research analyst Jim Lundy said. He estimated Microsoft's current customers are paying $12 to $20 per user under contracts that...

Twitter cutting jobs to save money

...attract a bigger audience.The layoffs could be a sign of desperation at a sinking company, said Edison Investment Research analyst Richard Windsor."It is important to run a tight ship, but simply cutting jobs is often the action of a company...

Airlines increasingly offer deals for off-peak travel as oil prices decline

...increase in seats for the 12 months ending in August, more than double the growth for the entire country.Wolfe Research analyst Hunter Keay said that two out of every five domestic flights ? local market ones or connecting trips ? can be...

1st US tar sands mine set to open for business in Utah

...world that this is possible, there are many, many places where this could be done."Alex Beeker, an industry research analyst, said he doesn't expect the mine to set off an explosion of tar sands mining in the U.S., where the prospects...

Pay TV industry shows cracks in media earnings

...on Wall Street."The take rate is encouraging but I think it's still early," said Vasily Karasyov, senior research analyst with CLSA Americas. "You have to see conversion from free trial to full pay subscription and so on."Meanwhile...

Need a reason to pay by phone? Apple, Google add new features

...update, which will let shoppers charge store credit accounts and redeem loyalty points from major chains. Forrester Research analyst Sucharita Mulpuru said frequent shoppers see loyalty rewards as an important benefit, and they want an easy way to...

With a week to go before bailout ends, Greece and European creditors reach deal on extension

...temporarily eases tensions and gives Greece breathing room to negotiate long-term debt relief," said Jay Jacobs, a research analyst at Global X Funds. However, he warned that it could just set up another "potential future standoff four months...

Tough week for social media stocks - no one is spared

...access to remote parts of the world."Facebook is making the right choices for the long term but the short-term focused market won't like expenses that grow faster than sales," said Edison Investment Research analyst Richard Windsor.

Devices using voice-recognition technology bring more privacy concerns

...We are on the trajectory of a future filled with voice-assisted apps and voice-assisted devices," Forrester Research analyst Fatemeh Khatibloo says. "This is going to require finding the fine balance between creating a really great user...

On The Money: What do you really get for a $7,000 Tesla home battery?

...Off-grid electricity supply will remain punishingly expensive for the foreseeable future," wrote Bernstein Research analyst Hugh Wynne in a recent report.For now, and likely for several more years, Tesla's home battery, called a Powerwall...