Obama is disappointing

...executive order.He refuses to call the Islamic State a terror organization but is more than willing to proclaim the Republican Party his enemy.He looks out at America and sees homophobia and racism everywhere he goes.He apologizes for America's...

Majority in poll support tax package

...different opinion."When they passed the rain tax, they don't deserve the SPLOST anymore," said former county Republican Party Chairman Dave Barbee. "They've had 30 years to deal with drainage with SPLOST and they've chosen to use it...

Pick Goodwin in Dist. 122

...of all the candidates running for State House District 122. She has served as chairwoman of the Columbia County Republican Party and the Columbia County Convention and Visitors Bureau. She has held many top leadership positions in educational...

Big-government Democrats use debate to heap scorn on Republicans

...part, and rather focused their attention on the Republican Party's vision of America. What should have been a fairly...debate itself did an amazing job at type-casting the Republican Party. They set the narrative, they all agreed to it...

Growth and traffic concerns dominate District 3 debate in Columbia County

...Spears and Russell Wilder answer a range of questions during the two-hour event, sponsored by the Columbia County Republican Party.The candidates will face off in the Nov. 3 special election. Early voting began on Monday.Spears, a State...

Eminently disagreeable

...liberty and property.It's understandable that a successful developer and deal-maker such as Donald Trump would disagree.But that puts him in a distinct minority in the Republican Party ? and makes him hardly the hero of the little guy.

Local Muslim leader calls Carson's statements 'un-American'

...public office," said Imam Mohammad Jamal Daoudi of the Islamic Society of Augusta. "We have been requesting the Republican parties and candidates to stay away from using Islamophobic (language) and rhetoric."He joins a growing list of Muslims...

Walker exits GOP presidential race

...influence on the GOP as they exited, although neither called him out by name."Sadly, the debate taking place in the Republican party today is not focused on that optimistic view of America. Instead, it has drifted into personal attacks," Walker...

Themes permeated candidates' forum

...much about the candidates based on the debates. What a pity.Nevertheless, we did learn quite a lot about the Republican Party platform. First, and perhaps dominating the night, was the argument surrounding religious liberty. This is a difficult...

Fiorina's face time

...think they have the market cornered on female sensibilities.She also presents an unprecedented opportunity for the Republican Party: a female presidential candidate who can speak to women in ways the mainstream media will find difficult to mock, disparage...